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JUTE GYTE/VENOWL – Split cassette


Alright, guess it is time to try and get a hold of the immensely weird, esoteric, avant-garde, mess that is Jute Gyte. Dissonant melodies, disharmonious rhythms and an overall discordant sound is probably the easiest and most straightforward way of trying to explain that which can not be described. Yet underneath all this hobbled mess of frequencies there is still a fun and playful sound that is truly unique for Jute Gyte. I have heard my fair share of various avant-garde, experimental, esoteric, and overall weird metal, but never have I come across something this dense and varied as the works of Jute Gyte; with a quite large and prolific discography that jumps from slow, discordant guitar lamentations, to weird experimental black metal, to just straight up harsh noise, you can never be sure what you’re going to get with him, except for something bizarre and unique.

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QULIELFI – Forgetter



Underground bedroom black metal with some folk-inspired parts, need I say more? …Perhaps I should.

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Current 93 – Dogs Blood Rising

The myth, the legend, the one and only, David Tibet.

One of the biggest cult artist to emerge from the project Psycic TV in the early 80’s in London. David Tibet is one productive and masterfull neo-folk artists, and has collaborated whith numerous musicians and artists over the æons. Among them; Boyd Rice, Death In June, John Balance, HÖH and Thomas Ligotti.

Dogs Blood Rising is one of the earliest works of David Tibet and one of the darkest, industrial, and experimental albums he has made. It features Steven Stapleton on mixing.

The album starts with a coir chanting Christus over and over to set the mood and fades into the next track Falling Back in Fields of Rape. This is a excellent track featuring many different vocals and a quite uncofortable topic… It is a 14-minute epic with distorted background sounds and guitars, and a very iundustrialized sounding drum, pounding. It all leads up to a crescendo with a quite uncomfortable screeaching sound and ends quite abruptly, which can be quite anoying, only to start over with a soft choir and a female singer backed by the drum. It all ends with David Tibet chanting and a return of the screeaching sound.

The album is very ambient sounding with no real distinguisable instruments and formula, but the tracks flow together and still feels like a comprehensive journey. The lyrics is filled with religious and esoteric themes, as is usual wtih David Tibet.

If you never heard Current 93 before and are into industrial/ambient/experimental music, this is a good album to start with and a great album too! And if you already know about Current 93, why don’t you already own it?

1. Christus Christus (The Shells Have Cracked)
2. Falling Back in Fields of Rape
3. From Broken Cross, Locusts
4. Raio No Terrasu(Jesus Wept)
5. St. Peters Keys All Bloody


SixSixSix: SickSickSick

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Murmuüre – S/T

A french esoteric/ambient/raw black metal album from the whispers of a unknown Frenchman. This is probably the one and only album that will be relased by Murmuüre.

Based on a single hour long guitar improvisation, then edited and re-worked for 3 years. The drums is a mixture of programmed drums and some live drumming. Vocals were recorded during a cathartic trance at a sacred place in the forest, with a mini-disc recorder. Being almost inaudible in the music, they’re strictly conceived as a vocal sigil technique, a vehicle for intent. To summarize, this man does not do something half-assed!

The album is heavily atmospheric and features some insanely distorted guitars and leaves you enchanted in its fantastic soundscape. Right from the start of Primo Vere, with its sharp whistling bells,  you get lost in another plane of hearing. The harshness, brutality and depth of the guitars on Reincarnate is absolutely spot on, and is a prime exampel of the absolute splendor of black metal!

Torch Bearer is a calm and cold song to wind down the chaos and prepare you for Amethyst. At this point the resemblance to Sunn O))) is almost undeniable, but Murmuüre goes a step further and the excellent drums lifts Amethyst and L’adieu Au Soleil among the style of post-black metal, á la Pyramids and Nadja.
It all ends with Disincarnate and the sound of flies and Rigsthula of Blut Aus Nord.

This album is a must for any fan of raw and atmospheric black metal!

1. Primo Vere
2. Reincarnate
3. Torch Bearer
4. Amethyst
5. L’adieu Au Soleil
6. Disincarnate

Buy/Encyclopaeida Metallum


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WOLFMANGLER – Cooking With Wolves

There are good band names and there are fantastic names, Wolfmangler is among the latter!

I first came across the band while browsing the excellent label Aurora Borealis for new interesting stuff, when I suddenly saw, in bold text, Wolfmangler. Lest to say, my curiosity was instantly sparked and I started looking up more info on the band. The more I read about the band the more intriguing they became; a drone black metal band featuring Bowed double bass, electric bass and violin with wispered, sinister vocals and lyrical themes about mysticism, abstract concepts and wolves.

The band is a project started by D. Smolken, formely a member of Dead Raven Choir, which is a raw black metal/accoustic folk band from Poland and is also avaiable at Aurora Borealis.

Cooking With Wolves is music from the deepest, darkest void. Foreboding, dismal violins, soft tribal drums and a whispering evil voice bellowing out dark lyrics. The album is filled with a dreadful atmosphere that never leaves and is best listened to in the pitch black night or at a sardonic ritual.

1. All of You 03:19
2. Czerwony Pas 06:28
3. Ol’ Man River 02:45
4. Beata Z Albatrosa 03:02
5. Compost with a Grudge 03:24
6. Zegar 05:34
7. Szwolezerowie 07:46
8. Easy to Love 05:45
9. Uneasy Autumn Moan 04:10
10. In the East 04:47
11. She Dances 03:12
12. To a Modern Poet 04:36
13. To the Boy Elis 04:08
14. French Vampire Carol 01:06

Any self-respecting drone/dark folk fan should look up Wolfmangler!

Label/Encyclopaedia Metallum/Buy/Spotify

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