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Ennui – The Last Way


Georgia isn’t all folk music and old prog rock, there is some more modern and more “challenging” music coming from the country. You just have to look really hard; and I do like to take a deep, long, and hard look into a country’s music scene. There is a quite exciting electronic scene brewing, and one of my favorite rap/hip hop bands are from Georgia. The metal scene, death, black, doom, hard, however is not very large however. Maybe because the strong religious faith of the people or because all the Georgian metal bands are released through Russian and/or Ukrainian labels. So far I’ve only found one really good metal band, who also sing in Georgian(!), and they are a very dark and brooding doom band called Ennui!

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Sunwølf – Beholden to Nothing and No One


At the time of writing, the new noise festival Röset is premiering at the small farm of Svartmyra in the darkest Småländska forests, and unfortunately I am not able to attend the two day noise-fest… Really wished I was able to attend it, but as always, it was just a bit too far away and if I made my way there I wouldn’t be able to pick up any nifty swag. Shame to miss some of the biggest artists in the local scene, like TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, Händer Som Vårdar, Ochu, Alfarmania, and Deutsch Nepal. But they’ll probably show up somewhere else, and I guess it’s not so bad, I’m not a big consert/festival goer. Most shows I go to, I end up feeling like crap and tired for the next couple of days, but it would have been nice to support the local scene and chat with them.

At least I got to see Death in June in Stockholm, I was also close to seeing Chelsea Wolfe and Russian Circles, but they were on the other side of the country at the time I was seeing Death in June. Speaking of bands that have toured with Chelsea Wolfe

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Tenhornedbeast / Marzuraan – The Law of the Needle / Into Countless Battles

Photo from Aurora Borealis Bandcamp.93

Well, I’m back from my summer vacation spent cruising around the country side and doing fuck all. But now I feel it’s time to get back at writing stuff that no one will read, about music that no one likes, after all that’s all I do nowadays! Now, let’s kick it of with a split-CD from the great music label Aurora Borealis!

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Pantheist – Amartia



I envy Thee my Lord
So many times I envisage myself
Sitting on your celestial throne
Looking at the world
Through eyes of contempt and hate

Laughing at human insignificance
Erasing their lives with a single thought

Let them destroy each other
Cut each other to pieces
Let them transform themselves into demons
And project their wickedness to Satan
My Lord, I envy Your apathy
-Pantheist, Envy

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Estatic Fear – Somnium Obmutum

Lets take a break from all this lo-fi, made-in-my-brothers-basement, indie rock, and turn our attention to some extravagant, elegant symphonic black metal from the home of all classical music, Austria!

Classical symphonies and black metal don’t usually meet, but when they do, sparks fly. Both styles have their somber and melancholic sound and yet can be big and bombastic. The harshness of the growls and drums makes a good juxtaposition to the pleasant and beautiful melodies of the symphony.

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Horseback – Half Blood

Horseback is a experimental/doom/post-rock affair from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I haven’t had exactly the sharpest eye on them but they have collaborated with a few great bands, like Pyramids and Locrian. They are currently signed on Relapse Records label, who has a bunch of great bands signed. Continue reading

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Sunn O))) – Oracle EP

Hail the doom masters of the vibrating plane, Sunn O)))!

Sunn O))) have made their mark as one of the formost doom metal band in existance. Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson formed Sunn O))) as a tribute to the doom forbearers Earth, and took their name after their favorite amplifiers with the same name. Stephen and Greg are also active with, and have collaborated, with a number of band, for example, Thorr’s Hammer(wich I have already spoken about), Khanate and many more.

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