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The Compass Rose – The Simulation District

The simulation district

*Ding dong*

You know that feeling when browsing Discogs for some new music to stave of the dreariness of reality for a while, and you stumble upon something that just hits all your buttons and fancies, even some you didn’t even know you had? Some new piece of music and art that just makes you feel excited, and fills your mind and heart with some emotion, joy I think it is called, even the thought that something like this could even exist fills you with mirth.

The Compass Rose and Ekhein does this to me.

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Sluice Room – Antinatalist Variations

Antinatalist Variations

“I further observed all the oppression that goes under the sun: the tears of the oppressed, with none to comfort them; and the power of their oppressors—with none to comfort them. Then I accounted those who died long since more fortunate than those who are still living; and happier than either are those who have not yet come into being and have never witnessed the miseries that go under the sun.” ―The Biblical book of Ecclesiastes, 4:1-3

Sink Slop Processing are back with the second release from their resident project Sluice Room, which some of you more devoted readers may remember my look at their first offering. A sweet and exciting experimental noise recording, which was a breath of fresh air in the increasingly stagnant and repetitive sluice of harsh power electronic walls that have become the staple of the noise music scene for the last couple of years. Is the offal from the Sluice Room still fresh and glistening, or has it already begun to decay and reek of putrid death?

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Straight Panic – Wuornos


Straight Panic just released yet another cassette on his new label Fuck Mountain, this time in the form of a fabulous hot pink tape, in-cased with a media-mistreated serial killer. Always provocative, but not so overtly gay this time.

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Vivenza – Réalités Servo Mécaniques


” This evolution of music is parallel to the multiplication of machines, which everywhere are collaborating with man. Not only amid the clamor of the metropolis, but also in the countryside, which until yesterday was normally silent, in our time the machine has created such a variety and such combinations of noises that pure sound, in its slightness and monotony, no longer arouses any feeling.”

– The Art of Noises, Luigi Russolo

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Anatomiteatern – Sex Fingrar


Sorry ’bout the glare on the case…

I was planing on writing something about the new cassettes I got from the Baba Vanga label but I just got a new batch of cassettes with the latest Anatomiteatern cassette, and I just had to talk about it now! It has been a long while since I heard a pure harsh noise cassette this good, aside from Sluice Room but that was a CD so it doesn’t count, and from Sweden no less! It just tickeled all the right spots for me and allow me to indulge myself  for a bit.

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Sluice Room – S/T

Sluice Room

Alright, enough with the self-loathing dark ambient emo stuff, time to go back to the stuff that made me start this “review site” in the first place; some good ol’ fashioned harsh noise!

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Epicurean Escapism II – CD & DVD


What is life? What are we doing? Why are we doing it? Why aren’t we just pleased with life; why are we constantly inverting new stuff to occupy our time with, when we could just be content with the feeling of life and being? Have we as a species become to full of ourselves that sheer existence have become dull, monotonous, and un-fulfilling? What does a species, that has become disenchanted with existence, do to replace the most primal and basic experience of our sheer being? We escape from it and substitute with, amongst other things;
Art(paintings); the escape through man-made windows to our world and nature, to relive a certain point in time, frozen with the feelings and emotions captured by the painting? (Can life be represented through mere colours on a surface?)
Sound(music); the escape through man-made harmonies, melodies, and rhythmic vibrations of the air, that carry with them (un-)consciously collectively decided feelings and experiences that transports us to another world or puts the listener in a trance. (Or do it put the listener in a state of experiencing true awareness of life? Is that possible through man-made means?)
Literature; the escape through man-made abstract symbols that man has decided represent a certain object, feeling, or abstract concept, that transports the reader to an abstract version of life that can be experienced through another representation of a human being. (Are we capable of creating a version of existence when we constantly flee from it?)

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