La Sonorité Jaune – Soundtrack For Breathing Structures / Parallel Soundtracks

La Sonorité Jaune

Dark and dreary atmosphere, slow menacing drones, inhuman and industrial sounds, and an ending of madness and depravity… This is my sonic safe space!

I’ve been in a musical rut the past few months where I had no energy or drive to find new and old interesting musical works; I was stuck in a Spotify limbo where I just repeated the thousands of playlists I’ve created there, and sometimes play a new album to death. If this cycle of musical exploration stagnation was the cause, or result, of my ennui I can’t really tell. But one thing I do know is that when I found and listened to this cassette by La Sonorité Jaune, a spark ignited again within my love-for-weird-and-old-avant-garde-music-center in my brain! It made me feel again the joy and excitement of finding a new(or old really) album and just being filled with a feeling of artistic and musical fulfillment. And yet, when I listened back on it for this review, I can’t really tell just why this particular album made me feel this way…

La Sonorité Jaune was a French experimental ambient group, active during the late 80’s. They’ve released a couple of album on various labels,and even ran their own label, S.J. Organisation which put out roughly 30 cassettes, among them bands like Big City Orchestra and The Haters.

So far I have only listened to this self-titled release by them, which also happens to be a compilation of sorts, released on the exciting Ladd-Firth label! All the tracks on it are remixed songs from other releases. They seem to focus most on dark, abstract, ambient with some industrial touch to it. The title of side A says pretty much everything about how they sound, Soundtrack for Breathing Structures. I can imagine it is perfect music for when you are out in the dark, urban exploring some dilapidated industrial complex. Side B, Parallel Soundtracks, however is much more alive and dynamic, still very dark and atmospheric, but with some beautiful melodic interludes and vocals. The last track Haisa with Barbara Fishcake on vocals is a very nice ending to the otherwise calm and collected album!

But more than being a solid and wonderfully done dark industrial ambient album, I don’t really have any more to say about it, or why just La Sonorité Jaune manage to bring me out of my rut. I guess all it took was for me to get back to that dank, abstract soundscape that made my soul feel home again!



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