Alright! Enough procrastination and let’s check out the two new releases from our latest favorit dark wave/synth, or whatever, artist, VLIMMER!

Wasting no time, VLIMMER has released the next two creatively named EPs, III and IIII. These four EPs are not the end of of a tetralogy though, as the VLIMMER is planning on releasing a series of 18! cassettes! This is the biggest series of albums I have ever head of, and it will probably stay that way. Most call it a day at a trilogy, but not the Germans apparently. What is a collection of 18 works even called? Over-pretentiousness? Planning ahead? Daring zealousness? Beating a dead horse? Well, hopefully he can keep the quality up and keep the EPs sound fresh though out. Judging by the four released, maybe it’s time to vary the formula somewhat…

Continuing the soundscape of the earlier two cassettes with dark dismal synth atmospheres and lo-fi production sound. The EP titled III is more or less the same as the previous two, nice and mellow, with a very nice B-side.

IIII meanwhile is the more fun one with some more interesting songs like Wärmebeben. Still very much in the same soundscape and if it’s not your cup of tea, III and IIII sadly won’t win you over.

Hopefully VLIMMER manages to change up the formula for the next two releases, or I might as well copy and paste this review for them as well.


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