Top Whatever Albums I Remembered From 2015 In No Particular Order (Or, Blimey That’s a Lot of Black Metal Albums Mate)


It’s that time of the year again, well it was a month ago, when it’s time to make an arbitrary list of albums released last year that you liked the most. I don’t really care about these kinds of lists, but for your enjoyment, here is an arbitrary list of albums what I liked! Get on with it!

Best Drudkh Slavonic BM Album of 2015


Stworz! A Polish folk black metal act that I hadn’t heard before last year. And when I heard Zagony Bogów I thought to myself, “Damn, this new Drudkh album is really nice!“. Either way a great album and check it out, deffos!

Best Hipster BM Album of 2015


When Deafheaven showed up with Sunbather I just wrote them of as the latest circlejerk among the hipster black metal scene, and just ignored them. But last year when they released New Bermuda and I heard another music reviewer talk about it I got curious and decided to finally listen to them. And I’m glad I did. New Bermuda strikes a nice balance between melody and blackness, never too harsh, never too gay, but never boring. (And I just realized how the beginning of Brought to the Water reminds me of Bosse-de-Nage)

Best Penguin BM Album of 2015


Yeah, I don’t know either… Some silly German making weird surreal black metal. All I know is I want that album so bad just so I can hang it up on my wall! A+ I, Voidhanger!

Best Last Release of A Music Icon of 2015


One of the sadder news of last year was the death of David Bowie, a big loss of one of the greatest music icons of recent history. While I’m not the biggest fan of him I still have lots of respect for him and his music and Blackstar is one of my favorite albums by him, next to Station to Station. RIP in peace, Goblin King!

Best What The Fuck Is That Noise!? Album of 2015


From the depths of Slovakia emerged this interesting piece of chaos. Dosebazostúpenie, besides being a mouthful, is an album which is parts harsh noise, parts blackened black metal. As a whole it is a piece of sonic chaotic hell, and one of the KVLTEST releases from last year!

Best Promising EP of 2015

the marrow veil

Again with the I, Voidhanger label! I have to start keeping a closer eye on them. Howls of Ebb released a great EP through them last year, and I am very much looking forward to hearing the next full blasphemous album from them this year!

Best Tree Album of 2015


Björk is love, Björk is life!

Best Blut Aus Nord Album of 2015

a northern meadow

Here’s a match made in heaven! Pyramids with their psychotic melodies and orgasmic vocals, and BLUT AUS FUCKING NORD with their everlasting divinity, nothing could go wrong. And nothing did. One of the best releases from 2015!


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