Organisation Calvaire – Impardonnable | Urbansvart – Translucide


Alright, before I scramble together a list of the best whatever albums of last year, let’s take a quick little listen to two French black/prog? metal project I’ve been meaning to have written about quite a while back. Organisation Calvaire and Urbansvart by Kalvr!

By the way, what was the deal with 2015? For some reason I’ve never put any mind to the year albums were released last year so I can barely remember any released in 2015… I know it’s been a good year for experimental music, but it feels like nothing was released. But, maybe I’ve just gotten a brain tumor and had a music memory lapse.  Forget it, let’s listen to Diapsiqui- I mean Organisation Calvaire!

The French seem to really like producing great trve black metal and great experimental unorthodox black metal. But many of the more experimental unorthodox BM from France have a special sound to them, this sort of “circus” flair, or what you might hear in a musical with burlesque and that sort of stuff. Fast-ish drums with lots of tempo switches and monotonous parts, drilling high guitars, and this very specific way of singing. I don’t know, I might be a bit racist, but I feel like all, more experimental, metal bands from France, except for the deep growling ones, sound just the same. The same type of voice, the same mix of clean vocals and screams, and half the time I think it’s the same dude singing unless I really listen to them. I think it is really curious that they have such similar sounding vocals. Yeah sure, lot of bands from the same country tend to sound similar, but the French have this really specific sound to me, that I don’t think I can find in other countries/bands.

They also have this fun and high energy to them, yet sometimes I just can’t stand their sound. I like that they have such a uniquely sound to them, and it is a very good sound, but I can’t fucking stand it… Diapsiquir… Hey, speaking of which!

A dude named Kalvr, who is the sole member of Organisation Calvaire and Urbansvart, contacted me a while back to let me know some cool news regarding his project Org. Calvaire and the Canadian black metal band Helleboré, which some of you might remember from my earlier review. Apparently they have a split in the works and I will definitely be checking that bad boy out when it is released!

In the mean while I checked out his two projects, and what do you know, they sound just like experimental unorthodox French black metal! Have you gotten tired of the constant whale whailing of Pensées Nocturnes? Check out Urbansvart(what kind of name is that btw?) for a bit more level headed, but still great and energetic EUFBM. But if you are more in the mood of a more unique and inspired take with some nice pianos and samples, take a gander at Organisation Calvaire!

Organisation Calvaire/Urbansvart



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