Vlimmer – I & II


Oh gosh… Where am I, who am I, what year is this? If the start of this year is any indication of what is to come next, I’d better brace myself for the worst…

For any of you lovely, beautiful readers out there were wondering if I had given up and desperately waiting to hear my choices for the best X albums of 2015, I am sorry. At the new year shift I focused on my personal life and other more pressing stuff, and just the week I was getting ready to write the first new review I came down with some weird flu or fever or something, and not the fun kind of fever.  A whole week of feeling like my head was going to implode on itself and barely being able to think straight meant I had to lay in bed all day.

But this isn’t a blog for my personal physical and/or mental health(but if you can assess what you can of it from these reviews, knock yourselves out), but for me to hammer on the keyboard for a while to make me feel a bit more important. And today’s review will be a commissioned thing about the nice darkwave, shoegaze, German band Vlimmer!

Vlimmer is a one-man projekt based in Berlin by Alexander Leonard Donat, and the musical theme centers around the dark and lonely aspects of music. The project released it’s first two demos at the same time, November 6th last year. The two releases are very creatively named and II and are both in the kind of slow, lo-fi, DIY kind of shoegaze/darkwave genre, where the worse production value and more distorted vocal, equals more kitsch.

Now, I am not the biggest listener of this kind of genre and I can’t speak for the whole genre, but to me it feels like this is a popular genre among the “dark, brooding, art hipster” who sits in the corner of a industrial magasin, smoking a fag and wishing they were Nick Cave.

I is just that, and it is a very nice album. The music is gloomy and lo-fi enough without being grating, and the vocals have a nice airy atmosphere to it. Lyrically it is what you’d expect. The modern society is bad and horrible and we don’t care about our fellow humans anymore.

II is more “experimental”, being more free form with it’s structure, weaving more open atmospheric soundscapes with the synths and playing with different influences. My favorite of the two albums and the last track Verschiebung is and nice ending to the albums.

The two cassettes are available on his label Blackjack Illuminist Records and they were available as a nice wooden box edition but it is sadly sold out. Oh! The label also has a nice little compilation with artists banding together in solidarity for the victims of the Paris terror attack. So if you want to listen to some nice post-punk/darkwave/shoegaze/and the like, while showing solidarity to France, check it out!



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