Krypta – Cavities

Krypta - Cavities

A couple of months ago I went on a trip down to Malmö, and took some time to check out the local record stores as I always do when I visit another town. For this trip I ended up in the very great and eminent store, Rundgång! A small and quaint store with an awesome collection of old vintage records and new exciting stuff from the vibrant local music scene! As I made my way through their collections of electronica vinyls, exploitation DVDs, and art fanzines, I found a plastic bag with a cassette and a dark looking fanzine, with the very ominous name Krypta, Swedish for crypt. Needless to say, I had to have it! However, there was still a pressing thought in the back of my mind; the fact that the bag was stapled shut would mean I could not ever open it and listen to the cassette, without potentially damaging the package and ruining its worth as a collectible.

I guess this is one of the downsides of being a music collector, or collector of any kind. Do you dare to open the cover/package to enjoy the work, or do you keep in intact and let it collect dust on the shelf but preserving it in its whole? I would say that the most important is to take part of the work, rather than let it sit in its packaging and not enjoying the work as it should be, collectors value be damned. But it still feels bad to tear through the staples, or wax stamp, but it is all worth it to hear the music! And this is true for Krypta – Cavities!

Krypta is one of those projects, a mysterious unknown artist who are a bitch to find any info on. He seem to at least be a Swedish musician who also has a few other projects on different labels, like Gas Giant on BlodörnSahrana on Brigades of Anger, and Seas of Piss on Hesitant Tapes. He seems to mostly do dark, slow, menacing ambient-ish music with a ritualistic tint. Cavities is very much a dark, brooding ritualistic ambient tape, as it was, to quote the liner notes, “Recorded live by Krypta, under ritual circumstances…”.

With the evil, tenebrous drones, and the soundscape of being isolated in a dank, putrid crypt, Cavities is one of the most striking dark ambient albums I have heard in a while and can easily stand amongst the most prestigious of ambient records available! I am very glad I decided to open it up to have been able to hear this malignant atmosphere. The fanzine, or rather artzine, that follows with it is very fitting to the music. Consisting of a few dark pictures, of what I think is paper but arranged to look like the rocky sides of a cave, makes this release a feast for both the eyes and the ears. If you can get your hand on this release on Skiboy Records, I highly recommend you do it!



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