Dormant Seed – A Sad Memory


I just recently found out about a thing called “NBBMN”, which apparently isn’t a acronym for a new pretentious sub-genre, but a acronym for “Nothing But Black Metal November”. Black metal fan’s respons to no-shave-november, or inktober, I guess. Quite a silly thing though if you ask me, because isn’t every month really black metal-month? It is to me at least. Still, I am going to review some black metal albums this month I think, and the first one up is the first release by the new South American, one man band, Dormant Seed!

What do you think of when I say South America? Incas, Mayas, Olmec? The rain forest? Rampant drug trade? Llamas? Maybe all of the above? Or, maybe you think of the same as me, awesome, balls to the wall, raw black metal! The South Americas has produced a plethora of great raw, satanic black/death/thrash bands since the late 80’s and forward, and there seems like it is not going to stop in a long while! Bands like Mystifier, Goat Semen, Hades Archer, Trollhorn, Baphomet Throne Hell’s, to name a few. The harsh, powerful and no holds bar-sound of the old school, and TRVE black metal seems to be right up their alley. Almost every other place that has had their insurgence of raw black metal, has evolved it in some form and started to put their own spin on the sound, like Scandinavia, Europe, and the USA, but South America just continues to churn out one raw, blasphemic, war black/thrash bands after another. They took that sound and made it their own, and they really make it their own!

But, you might say, o wonderful and wise Elitist, I came here to read your excellent and profound thoughts about Dormant Seed, not to hear a lecture about the history of South American black metal.

And as the generous and graceful know-it-all, I shall bestow it on thee!

Dormant Seed is a one man band from Colombia and the artist, Mist, released his first album A Sad Memory through the Ukrainian label Depressive Illusions Records in 2015. A Sad Memory is, as you might guess, a depressive suicidal black metal album in the vein of Xasthur and the like. It has a more focus on melodies and atmosphere and not so much of the harsh super bad production value, which I can appreciate. I like the super gritty and harsh sound of some DSBM bands, but they don’t have the same sad ambiance as the more melodic bands. But, if you are going the more melodic and refined route, all the more pressure of making it sound beautiful, yet sad. And does Dormant Seed succeed?

Well, yeah, kind of.

It is not a bad album by any means. The album as a whole is nice, and some of the “South American sound” can be found, and yet I wouldn’t blame you if you forgot about the album 10 mins after you’ve heard it. There isn’t anything special or noteworthy on the album. Mostly slow, melodic tracks like the title track, and the a bit more energetic ones, like my favorite track The Bliss of Extinction.  Maybe it’s the fact it is the first album by him, or that the raw, bestial flair of South American black metal isn’t as prominent.

Bottom line; a nice, enjoyable DSBM album, without any frills. Give it a listen and support the underground!

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