33a – Saperavi


Closing out this little excursion into the Georgian music scene, we will take a listen to the album that started my interest of the Georgian language and music, 33a!

Oh, and so sorry for the loooong wait between the reviews, I’ll try to not keep you in the wait for so long.

Founded in 1994 i Tbilisi, 33a, which is the number of the street the singer lived on, make some very nice laidback, “lounge-y” folk rock. They have released 6 album, but I have only been able to listen to their two latest releases, Saperavi, and Usakhelouri. Both of them are damn fine, and I have yet to tire of them. Their song are quite varied since they experiment with many different elements from different genres, but mostly, rock, folk, jazz, and reggae. And the founder of the band seems to like French too, as he sings in French on a couple of song, mostly on Usakhelouri though.

Saperavi(საფერავი) was released in 2011, on the Ukrainian(?) label Extra-Estrada, and the word means paint or dye. I don’t see any connection between color and the album, then again I might be missing something in the lyrics.

Jazzy melodies, reggae infused beats, and a rough yet smooth vocal makes for a very nice mellow record that everyone gets into groove with, which I’ve tried several times and I have yet found one who doesn’t like them!

I could keep on and wax poetically about how great this album is, but why listen to me ramble on while you could just listen to it? Just listen to, in my opinion, their greatest song Shota შოთა, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Do yourself a favor and listen to it and enjoy the wonder of the Georgian language!

This will also mark the last review on a Georgian album, for at least a couple posts, and I’ll be back on my regular schedule and talking about whatever black metal/noise/avant-garde crap I’ve stumbled upon!

კარგად იყავით!



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