Ennui – The Last Way


Georgia isn’t all folk music and old prog rock, there is some more modern and more “challenging” music coming from the country. You just have to look really hard; and I do like to take a deep, long, and hard look into a country’s music scene. There is a quite exciting electronic scene brewing, and one of my favorite rap/hip hop bands are from Georgia. The metal scene, death, black, doom, hard, however is not very large however. Maybe because the strong religious faith of the people or because all the Georgian metal bands are released through Russian and/or Ukrainian labels. So far I’ve only found one really good metal band, who also sing in Georgian(!), and they are a very dark and brooding doom band called Ennui!

Ennui was formed in Tbilisi, 2012, by David Unsaved and Serj Shengelia. They released their first album Mze Ukunisa the same year on the Russian label MFL RecordsThe Last Way came the next year on the same label, and in 2014 they have released two splits with Aphonic Thredony and Abstract Spirit.

They play a pretty standard funeral doom style with slow wailing guitars, menacing drums, and demonic screams. However there is not very much orchestration in their music, which I find a bit disappointing. The grandiose organs and piano melodies is one of the best things about funeral doom after all. It’s like being a dansbands group but not wearing those ridiculous shining outfits.

Still, for being  a funeral doom band without orchestration they keep from being way too slow and boring, and The Last Way is an enjoyable listen from start to end. Also, Georgian sounds great being growled, but then I guess any language with a more “throat-y” sound and lots of consonants does that. I only wished he would sing some parts in a more clean way in the more mellow parts of the album. For being pretty much the only funeral doom metal band, or metal band for that part, from Georgia Ennui is a really promising start for the Georgian metal scene to grow and experiment! There is წრე(Ts’re) but they are not nearly as good and well made.

Next time let’s listen to some raps about cats! კატაბალახა!

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