Sluice Room – Antinatalist Variations

Antinatalist Variations

“I further observed all the oppression that goes under the sun: the tears of the oppressed, with none to comfort them; and the power of their oppressors—with none to comfort them. Then I accounted those who died long since more fortunate than those who are still living; and happier than either are those who have not yet come into being and have never witnessed the miseries that go under the sun.” ―The Biblical book of Ecclesiastes, 4:1-3

Sink Slop Processing are back with the second release from their resident project Sluice Room, which some of you more devoted readers may remember my look at their first offering. A sweet and exciting experimental noise recording, which was a breath of fresh air in the increasingly stagnant and repetitive sluice of harsh power electronic walls that have become the staple of the noise music scene for the last couple of years. Is the offal from the Sluice Room still fresh and glistening, or has it already begun to decay and reek of putrid death?

Antinatalism is the philosophical belief that assigns negative value on birth, that even the fact to bring a new human being into existence is something incapable to defend on a moral level. After all, why would anyone want to bring a new person, who hasn’t asked for it, into this world of pain and suffering? Why would anyone want to go through the trouble of childbirth and upbringing, which only means more trouble and psychological stress and misery on the parents? Giving birth only increases the problem with overpopulation, famine, extinction of other lifeforms, and adds to the global warming. Some famous proponents of this philosophy includes Arthur Schopenhauer, Emil Coiran, Peter Wessel Zapffe, David Benatar, and Thomas Ligotti.

A very misanthropic and negative view of life, which I can see the reason behind some of its points, I believe that is an exaggeratedly cynical view of life which ignores or undervalue some of the more positive things of life for the sake of being misanthropic, sad and angry person. I feel that this level of hate towards humanity is really not possible if you are a human yourself. You can’t hate your own species and want them eradicated, I think that is a bit hypocritical. I know a few persons who label themselves “misanthropes” and claim they wouldn’t mind the whole humanity to be gone from the planet, but they are merely angry towards some people who’ve done them wrong in some way and that they are in a angry/depressed state of mind. Sure, you can go ahead and call genocide on the whole human race, yourself included, when you are in all pretenses a healthy, capable person, it is really a call for attention and all you really need is a long hug.

Anyway, enough with the philosophical ramblings, were here for Sluice Room! This latest album is more of what you would call a “traditional” harsh/wall noise record. High energy from start to finish, abrasive ceaseless soundmat throughout, indistinguishable sounds and screeches. Very different from the last album which was much more experimental and “playful” with its sounds. While Antinatalist Variations is a good harsh noise album in all senses, I still would prefer the style of the first album. It was more dynamic and interesting album. But in regards to the themes around the new one, maybe harsh, abusive, inhuman noise is the more fitting sound! Yeah, solid second release by Sluice Room, going to be exciting to see what variation the next offering is going to be!

Oh, one last thing, that cover is pretty neat! Would love to know if the motif is an original design, or what the source is.



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