Straight Panic – Wuornos


Straight Panic just released yet another cassette on his new label Fuck Mountain, this time in the form of a fabulous hot pink tape, in-cased with a media-mistreated serial killer. Always provocative, but not so overtly gay this time.

If you don’t already know about the project Straight Panic, it is a fairly new project, in fact from last year, by the now Minneapolis based Fire Island, AK. Themed and centered on the HBTQ-community and about all the wrongs and injustices that has befallen them in recent memory, mistreatment, ostracism, hate, violence, and all the horrors of mankind. But also sometimes the sexuality and dirty business of the life of a gay man is the theme of Straight Panic’s cassettes. Is he a warrior for the rights of homosexual persons mistreated by his fellow straight neighbors? Or just a provocative artist using the pain and grief that has hounded the HBTQ-people for centuries?

The Wuornos cassette is focused on the titular Aileen Wuornos, a female serial killer who killed seven men in 1990, Florida. She was sentenced to death in 1992, but was stuck on death row until 2002 when we was executed with a lethal injection. She was a big focus of the media at the time and was mistreated by both her family and the media who sold and treated her story as a news sensation. The tragic tale of a mistreated, mentally unstable woman, who was abused by everyone in her life, except her female lover.

Serial killers as the theme and focus by noise artists is nothing new, Whitehouse was doing that in the early 80’s, and Wuornos tale certainly make for a good harsh noise cassette. Straight Panic is a great noise artist with a myriad of releases behind him, and his sound is one of my favorite in the queer-noise scene.

However, my biggest gripe with Wuornos, and Straight Panic in general, is the fact the tapes are only like 4 minutes! Come on man! You’re gonna release one  4 min cassette every month or what? Nobody’s gonna buy all them cassettes, and even worse if you have to get raped by the international shipping fee, for four minutes(of solid noise) everytime!?

Anyway, good queer-noise by a veteran, get it if you have some money to spend!



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