Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness – Foreskin of Enlightenment

Foreskin of Enlightenment

The sun is setting, the snow is laying thick and white on the ground outside, a fresh pot of coffee is brewed. The only thing left is some mood music… The new Boduf Songs album; too clean. Blut Aus Nord; too energetic. 396 Mountains; now we’re getting somewhere. Ak’chamel; perfect!

 That’s right, our favorite lo-fi, DI Y, ritual-neo-folk ensemble is back on the Canadian label Jeunesse Cosmique. A new, very limited cassette which consists of a live improvisation session recorded directly to a cassette deck in the dark night of the summer heat 2014.

If you’ve heard them before you know what to expect, if not, think of a couple persons dressed in rags, cloths, and various fabrics, using homemade tribal shamanistic instruments, and playing the sort of music you’d expect to hear from a weird psychedelic, drug infused, faux-documentary movie from the 70’s. In other word, they some sick ass shit, son! (And that album title, genius!)

And if just the music isn’t enough for you to trip on, they’ve released a VHS tape through Lighten Up Sounds. Sadly, I don’t have my old VHS-player, but what I’ve seen of it it looks totally rad and trippy! If you’ve still got a player laying around, I suggest you get it, if not only to get some use of an antiquated media format. Or just get the cassette, the see-through green colour of the shell is almost worth it alone!

Ak’chamel/Jeunesse Cosmique/Lighten Up Sounds/Facebook


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