Jurko Haltuu / Miljoner Döda – Split

Jurko miljoner

Wow, Funeral Fog has some great stuff in their line-up, ey. Anatomiteatern, Nils Dacke, Jurko Haltuu, Miljoner Döda. It’s really shaping up to be one of the richest veins in Swedish noise/experimental music! So, for the third time a release from Funeral Fog, this time a split between the operator of the label and a lot of dead people!

So this is the fourteenth release on Funeral Fog and it is an unnamed split cassette between the owner of the label, Jurko Haltuu, who has released a couple album earlier mostly on this label, and Miljoner Döda, a project I hadn’t heard before but seems to be quite underground and low key. The theme of the cassette is the Swedish town Växjö, mostly because both artists are related to the town in some way, they don’t specify. The cover art of the cardboard box the cassette comes in, is a oil painting of Växjö cathedral, painted by Mats Aronsson in 1991. It is a very lovely painting and printed on a very quality, glossy paper, and the whole thing oozes craftsmanship and effort! And you can’t go wrong with a orange cassette!

Side A is by Jurko Haltuu and is “titled” Decomposition [four parts of static improvisation]. It is a track of roughly 21 minutes, divided up in four parts of mostly gloomy dark ambiances and harsh noise, made with contact mic recordings and voice samples. The first third starts of slow with some menacing ambiances and atmosphere with rolls in to a harsh noise session of the typical distortions, screeches, and all the sonic chaos that we know and love. And at the end it slows down to this mellow ambient loop to cleanse your mind and pallet for side B.

As I said, I hadn’t heard Miljoner Döda before I got this cassette so I didn’t know what I was going to get. But when I read the description of their track, I knew it was going to be golden! A recorded live session at the old mental institution, St. Sigfrids Sjukhus, in Växjö, recorded 13-03-16. What was it going to be? Chaotic screaming and wailing of the mentally disturbed, á la Stalaggh? Field recordings from their visit to a decrepit mental institution? Or just a solid, well composed, ambient track?

What we got was a neat, creative session with various sounds and soundscapes. From isolated scratches, clawings, and creeping noises, to ambient loops with haunting melodies, into an intensifying crescendo of a harsh spinning soundscape. A solid and refreshing session that avoids some more cliche noises and has a unique personality to it. But my only gripe is that the fact they recorded it in a metal institution kinda isn’t present when you just listen to the track. But that may just be because I wasn’t present at that moment when they recorded it, and it would be kinda hard to keep that presence. Non the less, great track and I’m going to try and find some more of their stuff, and I suggest you try and do the same!

So there it is, a split cassette, by three great artists(oh yeah, Miljoner Döda is a duo if that wasn’t clear), dedicated to the historical town Växjö! At the time of writing there seem to still be some copies available through the label, so definitely snatch a copy of this very solid cassette!



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