Mazakon Tactics – The Entrancing Cage

The Entrancing Cage

Here we go! Starting of the new year with some nice, cultured, poetry. Oh, but this is not your ordinary run of the mill poetry-slam, this is straight from the Lithuanian purveyors of the finest harshest noise,

I was going to review The Entrancing Cage by the German industrial/harsh noise project Mazakon Tactics last year, but some how it sort of slipped through the cracks, not because it was uninteresting, just because I’m a lazy shit.

Anyhow, Mazakon Tactics have been active since 2009 and have released 8 albums on different labels, Terror being the latest, and The Entering Cage released last year. This is also the only album by him I have heard.

“But wait!”, I hear you scream out in confused disbelief, “I thought you have had an aneurysm during the new year and decided to review poetry?!”
First of all; What’s so bad about poetry?
Second; No, I haven’t decided to shift gear, just like with the excellent release by Skeldos, poetry and industrial/noise landscapes go really well together! Something about the way both poetry and soundscapes can paint a world in your mind, that mixing the two together just amplifies that magic and makes it even more magical.

The Entrancing Cage is a mic between industrial soundscapes and harsh noise, both done well. But what sets it apart from the rest of the other harsh noise industrial albums out there, is its quite audible and clear lyrics which also are included in the CD booklet. Quite uncommon, to my experience anyway, that a noise artist include the lyrics, except for Prurient maybe, and if they do have lyrics it’s probably more in line with some statements, spontaneous screams/grunt, or long rants á la Whitehouse.

The lyrics in The Entrancing Cage are short “poems”, and I don’t know if it is a stylistic choice, or because of dodgy translations, but some seem a bit weird. Like the song A Frame, Tenderly Torn: Caresses piercing | With a myriad of invisible hooks and needles | Sticking to frail enclosures | Tearing down an adored frame | Tenderly.
A very good song nonetheless, slow, menacing, creeping atmosphere and the distorted creepy vocals are great.

I think my favorite track on the album is the title track. Both musically and lyrical, it stands out the most.



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