Octis / Ocrilim – Ocrilorx-1


This is a quite fun 7″ I found in a box of mixed, unknown albums, behind the counter of a local records store. And before you now, my astute and lovely readers, I will to the best of my abilities recreate the entirety of the Octis and Ocrilim’s split 7″ record.

*Clears throat*


*Next track*


*Repeat 34 times*

Thank you, thank you!

 Octis and Ocrilim are two project by the notorious guitar violator Mick Barr. Boy, can he strum that guitar, like forever and monotonous like a machine! His strumming is very fluid and melodious, sort of, yet he often uses abrupt changes that drives the music forward. Quite silly stuff, and you either love it or hate it.

I don’t know many artists who make split EP’s between two of their own bands, and especially two bands which essentially sounds the same. You take Mick Barr, a drum machine, and you’ve got Ocrilim and Octis.

So yeah, pretty much the same insane, grind, guitar wankery song 36 times. At least Mick Barr is talented and if you want to test your fortitude, listen to Orthrelm’s OV album. Also check out his album Annwn by Ocrilim.



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