Anatomiteatern – Phalaina/Loose Connections


Alright, back again, and just in time for the new release of the kings of Swedish harsh noise, Anatomiteatern! This time on a hot pink cassette!

On the 27th of September this year, Funeral Fog released the second tape by Anatomiteatern on the same label. The new cassette is titled Phalaina/Loose Connections. The cassette consists of 7 tracks, three on the A-side, 4 on the B-side. Not that you would notice, they all blend together and sounds like a live recording session, which they probably are. The cassette is limited to 40 hand numbered copies.

As far as the music goes, if you’ve heard any of their other cassettes, you’ll know what to expect. Harsh, hushed power electronics of the lo-fi variety. Lots of fast bass beats, high pitched screeches and pedal rape that you’ve all come to love from PE and HN. I kinda miss the inaudible shouts that you could hear on their earlier tapes though. They’re still there, just used much more sparingly. Phalaina, or the A-side, is just straight up HN, with some quiet moments and a few screams at the end. Loose Connections, or the B-side, is a bit more low key, it has a more industrial soundscape feel to it, which is very neat.

Aside from the noise, the design of the J-card and cassette is top notch! As you can see, the cassette is bright pink, you can’t go wrong with a pink noise cassette. The case itself is this milky beige colour as the J-card itself. It is a really nice colour, a neat deviation from the standard white or black. The paper also has this lovely texture to it. The inside of the cover is a moth of some kind, neat! And the two guys on the cover, I guess are the artists themselves, sitting in front of a typical house, drinking beer. Ah, the Swedish suburbs… Jurko Haltuu, good job!

All in all, it’s a good noise album, short and sweet, good cover design, maybe a bit too similar to their earlier work, but they know their stuff. It seems to still be available, so act fast!



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