Anatomiteatern – Sex Fingrar


Sorry ’bout the glare on the case…

I was planing on writing something about the new cassettes I got from the Baba Vanga label but I just got a new batch of cassettes with the latest Anatomiteatern cassette, and I just had to talk about it now! It has been a long while since I heard a pure harsh noise cassette this good, aside from Sluice Room but that was a CD so it doesn’t count, and from Sweden no less! It just tickeled all the right spots for me and allow me to indulge myself  for a bit.

So yeah, Anatomiteatern, or Anatomy Theater for all you who don’t speak Swedish. A quite new noise project from Malmö by the mysterious monikers E.J. and D.L., their first release was in 2011, on the local(?) label Factotum. The label later released one other cassette before changing their name to Copper Shores and releasing the second tape by Anatomiteatern in 2012.

Since then the project changed label to the slightly, emphasis on slightly, bigger label Funeral Fog Records, and released a split with another Swedish noise artist who goes under the moniker Nils Dacke. And for the probably many of you who don’t know who Nils Dacke is, I refer you to Wikipedia, but he was a very big figure in Småland and the leader of the farmers rebellion, called “Dackefejden”, against Gustav Vasa’s oppression. Anyway, the spilt is quite neat, with a cardboard box and a neat poster.

But back to the cassette at hand, Sex Fingrar is the latest release by Anatomiteatern and was released on Funeral Fog Records in 2013, and it’s true, I have their earlier two cassettes, but at the time I didn’t really appreciate them as I do now. My mind is quite fickle and situational, and I guess the moment and feeling was just right yesterday and the album really spoke to me.

All the tracks on the cassette are preformed live that may be a big part of the overall sound of the album, they have a very special sound quality to them that I feel I have heard before, but I can’t seem to place it… It is very muffled, hollow, distant sound, coupled with very tight and powerful HN is just great. Sparse and distant screams are the cherry on top. While Sex Fingrar contains 12 songs, with pretty great names, they kinda muddle together with all of them sounding pretty much the same. It would definitely be quite monotonous if not the ground sound-mat was so well made. Also, great design of the covers!

So yeah, awesome Swedish harsh noise, love it or hate it. I fucking love it!



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