Dunnock/Intergalactic Holocaust – Split


Well, look who is mr. Popular now; another new underground label contacted me to check out their stuff, but this time it’s raw black metal! Prepare your ears for impenetrable walls of distorted guitar screeches and the wailing of a madman, and some mediocre “ambient” track.

The label in question this time is Temptations of Resonance Records, a newly formed label/distro that deals in obscure, underground black metal of various styles. As of the time of writing this, the distro consists of CD’s, but on their website they have tabs for cassettes, vinyls and merch, but the stuff that is there is the usual fare of underground BM. I admit, I haven’t heard half of the stuff, but I haven’t the closest eye on unknown “raw black metal”, but it seems like a good start. One thing I find amusing about ToFR is that they already have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page, you know, like all the underground, kvlt, BM labels have. The power of social media or just delusion in the marketing department, you decide.

Anybutt, let’s take a listen to the latest release from the label, an unnamed split CD between the bands Dunnock and Intergalactic Holocaust. Just the names invokes certain types of music, but surprisingly they’re much more low-key than, at least I, would expect.

Dunnock, despite the Gaelic sounding name hails from the sunshine state of California, and I haven’t found much info on these guys, other than having a release on the CA label Acephale Winter Productions. I haven’t listened to this other release but it seems to be in the same vein as their tracks on this split. That is raw, lo-fi black metal, with some spacey ambient breaks. With space seeming to be the theme of this album I guess they do their part. Overall, they sound a bit too bland and unrefined for my taste, nothing really stands out and the ambient track just feels flat and emotionless. My 17-year old self would have loved this album though, and thought this was the heaviest, rawest shit. But I guess it just doesn’t do it for me any more.

Intergalactic Holocaust, on the other hand is a bit more forward and to the point, but how could you not with a trve name like that… Much more straight up raw black metal, with a very airy “spacey” sound, particularly the track Black Stars. A track where they sing about being extraterrestrials traveling through the universe to, presumably, skip and sing and give flowers to the human race. Or enact a holocaust on the human race, who knows… To me, they are the highlight of the split and has the strongest sound, concept, and execution.

So, what can I say… A bit of a mixed bag this first official release of Temptations of Resonance Records. I can see some potential from the label, and I’ve also discovered that this type of black metal no longer speaks to me like it used to, but the Dunnock/Intergalactic Holocaust split is still enjoyable for what it is.



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