Sluice Room – S/T

Sluice Room

Alright, enough with the self-loathing dark ambient emo stuff, time to go back to the stuff that made me start this “review site” in the first place; some good ol’ fashioned harsh noise!

I recently got contacted by a new noise label from Seattle, yes people still start niche music labels for some reason, about their first release of the label and of the artist. The aptly named label, Sink Slop Processing, opened its businesses about last month with the release of the new HN band with the even more aptly name Sluice Room. Notice a theme here? The label is focusing on releasing high quality CD records with non of that digital downloading that has become very popular recently with sites like Bandcamp. The noise scene is one of the few sub-cultures that still prioritize and put a lot of effort into the physical medium and packaging, with all the limited, hand crafted cassettes and what not. So that a lot of noise labels and artist decide to create Bandcamps and release most of their stuff through digital mediums is kinda weird to me. Sure, it makes the music more available and easier to get a hold of, but that wasn’t the whole point of the music, was is? Wasn’t the fact, that it was difficult to obtain, the physical object, the rituals with interacting with the record, playing it, and flipping through fanzines/forums/contacts to find that mythical rare tape, part of the charm of the genre? Has the ease and accessibility killed that part of the sub-culture, or is this just the evolution?

Perhaps Sink Slop Processing is bringing that back somewhat, with the quite low-key creation of the label, with only a home made website, and a release of a new harsh noise project, and only released on CD. Plus, Sluice Room is pretty neat too. It has a quite unique sound to it, with it being quite well balanced and avoiding just being a wall noise record. The tracks have a nice flow to them, the noises are well made and have a rough harshness to them, and the screams are quite fitting.

And of course, you have to have some unique twist and flavor to the album to avoid getting lost with all the other HN records. Sluice Room got the unique idea of having the liner notes, except for the track list, in braille! Unfortunately I can’t read braille, and the artist don’t want to break the mystique and allure with spoiling what it says, which I commend him/her for. It has probably something to do with rituals, Satan, and sex, if I know my HN.

Yeah, pretty good beginning for this new Seattle based, HN, physical-only label/band. I recommend you check it out if this stuff tickle you fancy!



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