Everyday Loneliness – An Error in Judgement

An Error in Judgement

You know what, to be a bit frank and perhaps a bit too personal with you, I’ve been in a pretty terrible mood this past week. Perhaps it was a smaller anxiety attack from the realization that I still don’t know where I’m going in life, and that I have a pretty big problem with dealing with stuff and getting shit done. And because of this, I end up alone in my small apartement, procrastinating everything to the last second and feeling like crap the whole time; just sitting and clicking from page to page on Reddit, and escaping my thoughts by leaving Spotify running endlessly. Maybe I have some real issues I need to deal with or maybe I’ve just been listening to too much introspective, downer, sad drones, like the latest cassette I’ve bought, Everyday Loneliness – An Error in Judgement

Everyday Loneliness is a atmospheric drone project by Jon Borges, the head of the label Monorail Trespassing and member of a couple of other bands.

This project is mostly focused on creating slow, introspective re-contextualization of melancholic soundscapes. And he does them well! An Error in Judgement was released on a very interesting label for me, EKHEIN, which has released artists like The Compass Rose and Earn. Some of you avid readers might remember my early review of The Compass Rose and I would love to get more information about the label and their cassettes! (hint, hint)

Some may say that An Error in Judgement is too slow and boring with not much happening, but that is not why you listen to these kinds of albums. You have to be in a complementary state of mind and let yourself be engrossed into the melancholy soundscape. The mood will be wonderfully sad and at the same time uplifting and soul crushing. When I listen to this in the state of mind I’ve been in, my mind just races and spirals through very heavy thoughts and wonders about the life, death and everything in between. I think that these moments of very heavy intro-, and outrospective thoughts are something we all should have from time to time to really ponder the universe we live in and the person we are. Just don’t make the error in judgement I have, and make sure you have a way back from them.

While it’s essential we ponder the sad parts of life, we shouldn’t forget the uplifting and motivating ones. But neither should we dwell too much or too little in both sides but find a good balance. As Above, So Below, you know.

Anyway, I’ll try to not listen to too much drones for a while and start listening to the more energetic stuff. Maybe something new and exciting…


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