Ryan Garbes – Shit Education

shit education

Time for something a little less pretentious and somewhat more musically interesting; time for some experimental, psychedelic, art, noise rock.
What?! Don’t give me that look, I’m totally cereal, guise! Come on!

Ryan Garbes is an American musician, featured in a number of bands most notably Raccoo-oo-oon and Wet Hair. He’s mostly involved with the label Night People but has been released through various experimental music labels. Pretty much all of his stuff is in the vein of garage art/noise rock, with some variations. His solo material, aptly named Ryan Garbes, varies from the softer home taped pop rock, á la David Longstreth, to the more random, improvised sound of Shit Education.

Still, for being a “noise rock” album, Shit Education is still pretty restrained. Most of the songs have some semblance of harmony, with the fun and playful drums and guitars, and they mostly stay away from standing directly in-front of the amps.

Shit Education is a neat and enjoyable art/noise rock cassette, that is well put together and has a playful soundscape and just the right amount of production value. The most hardcore listener might yawn, but they can just go back to Wolf Eyes anyway.

Plus, I really dig his art direction on his releases!



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