X A M B U C A – カムィ & уничтожение



Here’s an interesting little project that arrived in my inbox a couple of weeks ago. A part of a series of ambient electronics that aims to educate people of different cultures and tries to break down some of the ignorance borders between cultures and people. A very nice and noble concept that I’m all for and which I could see leading to very interesting collaborations and unique sounds.

Too bad уничтожение and カムィ  falls a bit flat and feels rather mediocre…

X A M B U C A is a project by the owner of the label Erototox Decodings, a label focusing on releasing unique and varied albums by different experimental musicians. Definitely something to check out, and the rooster has quite the few Swedish artists, for some reason… But hey, at least they haven’t signed Maskinen.

X A M B U C A has featured, or at least seen some collaboration, from a large array of artists/musicians, and the aim of the project is to raise awareness and openness to different cultures. Their latest releases  カムィ  and уничтожение, spotlight the Ainu Ezo people of northern Japan, and of the impending state of Russia, respectively. All the proceeds of カムィ  goes to the FRPAC (The Foundation for Research and Promotion of Ainu Culture), which is quite nice of them indeed!



However, and it pains me to say this, both albums are quite boring and bland… Both album has a similar sound to them, monotonous rhythms, slow pace, vacant atmosphere, and the occasional moment of an interesting glitch sound. This pains me the most with カムィ  since it is dedicated to a unique group of people and I would have expected to at lease heard some pieces or influence of their music in the album. But all I can hear is a boring electroica album, dragging it feet and occasionally sputters an interesting sound(except maybe the song 2 トンコリ(tonkori 2)). Or, maybe I’m just wholly ignorant, and all the rhythms and melodies of カムィ  are from Ainu music… But nonetheless, put aside the well meaning intentions and the golden opportunity of experimental fusions of sounds, the album were left with is an insipid mess of blandness and boringness…

The same can be said of уничтожение, which is a response to the impending future of Russia and its oppressive regime, and its intentions to dominate its own people and the former Soviet Union countries. Here they had a perfect opportunity to make a harsh and menacing power electronics album, filled with contempt and abrasiveness against Putin and his regime. But what does the album sound like? A boring, flat piece of ambient electronica…

It is not my intention to bash these album or invalidate their well meaning intention, but nether is it my intention to lie and praise something i find boring and bland. In my book, the worst offence an artist can do to make his/her art fail, is to make it bland, boring, and to make no impression on the viewer/listener/consumer.

If the concept behind the project interests you, go ahead and listen to the album before you purchase them, maybe you’ll find them more interesting than I did, with my jaded and elitist taste in music. I would say, listen to カムィ first, since it’s latter half is at least somewhat fails to make you sleepy… Or you could, you know, read about and support the Russians and Ainu people yourself. Why not do that while listening to the albums?

Label/カムィ /уничтожение


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