Skeldos – Ispaudai


Well, here’s something interesting, I got a submission from a relatively new Lithuanian project to spotlight their new release on the Lithuanian noise label Terror. I’ve been quite interested in that label for a while and been meaning to pick up some of their stock and zines. They have quite a large selection of various European noise-cassettes that seem interesting. One of their latest releases are from Skeldos, the aforementioned project.

Skeldos is a new project from a Lithuanian experimental musician/visual artist, who have played among giants like, Nurse with Wound and Andrew Lilles. I hadn’t heard about this project before, but a description like “Abstract, longing, flowing soundscapes with tender touch of a distant melody”, never fails to get me interested.

The album Ispaudai, or Imprints in English, is an hour long cassette of slow meditative drones, set with the artists own poetry. It is a very beautiful and personal album about reflecting over and respecting your past experiences and about the imprints you leave behind. His poetry is very melancholic and introspective, and as a language geek, I find it very exciting to listen to the poetic side of  the Lithuanian language!

If you are interested in slow, meditative, dark ambient projects, or poetic works, definitely check into Skeldos! The cassette comes in a handmade fabric bag sealed with a vaškas įspaudas, just to seal the deal! Available from the artists homepage, and through, in a limited 100 copies.



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