Sebastian Melmoth – In Ruins

In Ruins


Headache, check. Piss-poor weather, check. Energy gone, check. Overall mood, gloomy, check. Sebastian Melmoth – In Ruins, perfect.

Sebastian Melmoth is apparently a trio of three caged monkeys that sing disquieting protest songs as they compulsively masturbate into their morning cereal, from the UK. I hadn’t heard anything about them before, and I picked up their latest release In Ruins, from Beläten‘s three cassette deals that they ever so often have. I got more interested in the L’Avenir cassette that I got in the bundle to really give this release the attention it deserved. After all, In Ruins is a really moody, melancholic album right up my alley.

Their sound reminds me of a more mature, nihilistic version of Phantom Payn Daze, with it’s utter garbage production value and depressed singer. Heavy on the mood and atmosphere, yet good and solid composition, great use of the drums and guitars when they need to. The singer has a nice balance between sad and depressed, and sassy and feisty.

The more upbeat sound of the B side is a nice break from the gloomy sound, but doesn’t break the immersion and atmosphere, and has lots of nice catchy tunes. I see no real reason to explain all the song in detail, since they are all great. Just buy the album for yourselves and listen to it, ya dingus!


“If I can’t have you, then why should any one else have you…?”


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