Sunwølf – Beholden to Nothing and No One


At the time of writing, the new noise festival Röset is premiering at the small farm of Svartmyra in the darkest Småländska forests, and unfortunately I am not able to attend the two day noise-fest… Really wished I was able to attend it, but as always, it was just a bit too far away and if I made my way there I wouldn’t be able to pick up any nifty swag. Shame to miss some of the biggest artists in the local scene, like TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, Händer Som Vårdar, Ochu, Alfarmania, and Deutsch Nepal. But they’ll probably show up somewhere else, and I guess it’s not so bad, I’m not a big consert/festival goer. Most shows I go to, I end up feeling like crap and tired for the next couple of days, but it would have been nice to support the local scene and chat with them.

At least I got to see Death in June in Stockholm, I was also close to seeing Chelsea Wolfe and Russian Circles, but they were on the other side of the country at the time I was seeing Death in June. Speaking of bands that have toured with Chelsea Wolfe

I recently got a request from the band Sunwølf,  a stoner/doom metal band from Leeds, to check out their upcoming album Beholden to Nothing and No One. They are a stoner/doom metal band mixed with ambient, which means half the songs are ambient and clean sung, and the other half are your traditional stoner/doom tracks. They do their job on both parts, the doom side has nice and heavy riffs and a good heavy bass-y weight, and the ambient tracks are slow mellow and inspired, especially the songs Come O Spirit, Dwell Among Us and Ithaca. The song Thrown into a Nameless Time is an excellent heavier track, the parts in the middle are great and reminds me of something I can’t put my fingers on…

Otherwise, the band doesn’t really stand out for me, they don’t really push the borders or invent a new genre with their blending of genres. What they do is make a, solid one part doom/stoner album, one part ambient/rock? album.

One other thing that caught my attention is their album cover of stereotypical esoteric occult-ish symbols that so many underground bands like to use these days. I mean, oak/olive branches and a torch with a coiled snake? What are they, affiliates of the AAFP? I must say that I much more prefer their art direction of their past albums. At least they are more original and more interesting that a couple of white symbols on a black background.

Bottom line, a good stoner/doom album with a softer ambient side to it!

Beholden to Nothing and No One is released on June 30.



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