Sturqen – Riscos


Our favorite Portuguese electro-duo has brought us yet again an exquisite piece of low key, inspired electronica, but this time released through the minor, yet delightful, Philadelphia-based label, Silvox Recordings! The label has a nice rooster of electronic focused artists, and the release of a STURQEN album came as a very nice surprise in my mailbox. I wouldn’t have guessed that STURQEN would have decided to release a limited edition cassette through a small US-label. Non the less, Riscos fits right at home at Silvox, especially next to the simultaneously release of VeiledAfter Hours, another fine low key electronica album which I’ll bring up next time.

Riscos has the sound you’d expect from them, but not as crazy and experimental as with Toxinas. It has a much more slow and ominous sound, very much on the dark end of the spectrum, with only the track ”Menta”going with a high pitched alarm type wail through the song. The entire sound of Riscos would fit right at home in a dark industrial synth-goth dance hall. All in all, Riscos is a great album with a very well made soundscape, think desolate urban cityscapes with sparse glum lights illuminating the empty streets. Get it weather or not you are a Sturqen fan!

Silvox Recordings/STURQEN/Facebook

23 5 23


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