JUTE GYTE/VENOWL – Split cassette


Alright, guess it is time to try and get a hold of the immensely weird, esoteric, avant-garde, mess that is Jute Gyte. Dissonant melodies, disharmonious rhythms and an overall discordant sound is probably the easiest and most straightforward way of trying to explain that which can not be described. Yet underneath all this hobbled mess of frequencies there is still a fun and playful sound that is truly unique for Jute Gyte. I have heard my fair share of various avant-garde, experimental, esoteric, and overall weird metal, but never have I come across something this dense and varied as the works of Jute Gyte; with a quite large and prolific discography that jumps from slow, discordant guitar lamentations, to weird experimental black metal, to just straight up harsh noise, you can never be sure what you’re going to get with him, except for something bizarre and unique.

Now this colossal, impenetrable mass of sounds have teamed up with another purveyor of dense, impenetrable mass of blackness, for a wonderfully designed split cassette, this contending black hole of sound being none other than Venowl.

I’ve already spotlighted Venowl before on YTiMS, and they return to bring their organic, free-range sounds of utter depravity to this split. With Venowl boasting a much more live and impromptu sound, in contrast to the more well planed studio sound of Jute Gyte, gives the cassette a nice natural duality. You don’t have to sit through an hour of esoteric discordant melodies, or an hour of raw, lo-fi horrific chaos. They are neatly divided up on their own sides of the cassette so you get a nice 30-mins of both sides of experimental, avant-garde, darkness.

Besides the music, the split features a very nice and slick cover art of geometric figure and abstract composition. The colour choices is very nice to, with gold, black, and silver/white. The typography is top notch too.

The Jute Gyte/Venowl spilt is an awesome cassette, but unfortunately, the copy I received was messed up on the Jute Gyte side, with the recording levels and balance was really messed up… But fortunately I got a digital download, but it is a shame that my physical copy got messed up to but a minor blemish on a overall top notch avant-garde black metal cassette! Any fan of either Jute Gyte or Venowl probably already own a copy of the split, but if you have never heard them before, strap in for a ride!

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