S.F.A.A. – Selkirk Sessions (Extended Tape Mix)


Halloween Quest Records, that fine provider of fine DIY-grade, handcrafted cassettes with love. I’m beginning to like this label more and more. First Ak’chamel’s lovely weirdness, now S.F.A.A.’s dark and moody guitar drones! DIY is the new black, and slow, lumbering, dismal guitar drones is the new comfort food for dark nights.

VOMIR vinyl in the works on HQR, woot!!

S.F.A.A., or So Far Away Assignment, is a project founded by Richard Wilmer. The biggest inspiration for the project is from his various travels and this album was recorded during his trip around the Scottish border in 2010. He is also the founder of the netlabel aReW Recordings which focuses on releasing experimental drone-ish music. He has produced and been featured on numerous releases on the label since the start in 2009. Selkirk Sessions is the second release on HQR and was released in 2013.

The cassette is a extensive album of slow, dismal guitar drones and soundscapes. This is not a cassette to listen to during the morning or day, or when your up and about. Selkirk Sessions is a very slow, dark, and perfect for that state of mind between awake consciousness and total fatigue. That point when Hypnos has just announced its presence and Nuit has stretched herself over the firmament, with stars shining brightly.

Not really much more to say about this one, but you wouldn’t think so considering the amount of time it took me to make myself write this “review”. But whateves, still waiting for the Jute Gyte/VENOWL split to arrive in my mail and I have a bit more to say about that thing… Oh boy.,



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