Ak’chamel – Thrower of Sickness


Sorry, yet again for the long impromptu lack of posts, got a bit burned out and didn’t feel like writing anything here. Wait, I’m not sorry at all for not posting anything, this is my blog and I can do what ever I want, it’s not like I’m getting payed for doing this! Chaos rules this world and I should get more in touch with nature and please Eris by doing what the Hel I want! Fnord and hot dog buns on Fridays!!

Ak’chamel is good and you should listen to it…

Ak’chamel is a weird and interesting project by some weird dude from Texas. Mostly a project centered around ritualistic live-preformances with a very lo-fi and unique sound. Using a wide variety of instruments and fabrics; think of some sort of mix between Sun City Girls, COMPUTERJESUSREFRIDGERATOR, and the sound quality of an early 90’s black metal band.

I am going to focus on the Thrower of Sickness cassette, but I implore you to listen to their other releases and live shows to hear the full spectrum of their sound!

Thrower of Sickness was released 23 July 2013 on the very indie and DIY label Halloween Quest Records, which focuses on releasing limited editions of various types of music on tapes and VHS. But besides a interesting catalogue and a great image, they have a really nice attitude and they are very generous I have to say! My order of Thrower of Sickness got delayed for a few days and they included another tape, without needing to, and boy am I glad they did, it turned out to be a awesome cassette by S.F.A.A.! A wonderful cassette for bleak nights! (I am not being sponsored to gush this way about them, so shut you mouths if you though that!)

Thrower of Sickness reminds me of really old-school obscure BM with lots of ambient and slow paced parts and without the signature growling. Yet they steer clear of the boring tropes and soundscapes that plague the genre, but that could just be because of the recording quality. Yes, I cannot stress this enough, Thrower of Sickness must have been recorded on a potato! You pretty much can’t get any more lo-fi without just sounding like total sonic mush. This is the sound quality trve kvlt BM’ers dream of. So if you can’t stand sound quality lower that 48KBs, don’t listen to this, and if so, why are you reading this?

Even being recorded on a radish, this isn’t music devoid of any musically talent. Their love for music really shines through, and I love their creativity! Wish I could be in the crowd for one of their shows sometime. The spirit of creativity and music hasn’t died, it’s just moved to the independent, underground DIY scene and labels, so support them if you truly care about music! Oh, and their cover of Funeral Fog by Mayhem is fantastic!


Hail! Hailz! Hail! Hail!
Fnord! Fnord! Fnord! Buns!


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