Golden Fawn – Danger Fawn Femur

Golden Fawn93

Heeeey everybody! Do you like fawns? Do you also like gold? Why not combine those and get a Golden Fawn?! All the joy and grace of a tender fawn grazing in a dew covered meadow, with the splendor and status of gold! It may be a hassle to care for and the insurance payment is through the roof, but at least you can boast to your friends that you own a ethereal singing Golden Fawn and a swanky leather pouch! Golden Fawn! You could do worse!

Enough Kathleen commercial, gotta try to be somewhat professional here…

Danger Fawn Femur was released on the 27th January 2013, in a limited edition of 100 copies. Who the artists is seems like a mystery, as there are no credits in the cassette or inlay, and I can’t find any credits on the website either. But what do I care, this is true underground music after all, nobody knows them any way!

Golden Fawn plays a very low key and somber music with all focus on atmosphere and ethereal soundscapes, than anything else. And they do it well. The vocals are beautiful and hauntingly ethereal, and the church organ is a dark and moody tone setter as usual. There are some lovely moments on the cassette, but sadly, it doesn’t really have any longer lasting appeal… With a short duration, single sided cassette, and not really anything in the music that grabs hold of you, Danger Fawn Femur is more of a nice packaging than anything else.

What made me order the cassette in the first place was the unique and intriguing packaging of it. A handcrafted leather pouch with a black feather, and a nicely designed cassette. It is fine craftsmanship, the feather is a little messed up but that probably because of the over seas shipping, but I wouldn’t really say you should go out on a limb to get it; unless you a the biggest fan of etheral vocals and haven’t had your fix, or in desperate need of a leather pouch. Still, it’s just $5 and if you don’t have to deal with over seas shipping, and want to support independent underground music, go ahead and get yourselves a nice piece of art. You could do worse.


93 93/23


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