He of No Name – I Collect You


All right! Time for a look at one of the more interesting labels to come out of Northern Idaho, Sol y Nieve! A label that I have mentioned before, with the release of Yellow Eyes’ first cassette and Monvment and Ten Thousand Miles of ArteriesSol y Nieve truly has some great releases under its belt, and it seems like there will be no stopping of great releases to come!

This week I’ll be taking a look at a small sample of the fine works available through Sol y Nieve and the latest cassettes, released on 1/27/14. And first of the bat is the very elusive and very aptly named He of No Name!

He of No Name is a one-man project by NLC, credited for everything, except for the cover painting which is a excerpt from the painting The Temptation of St. Anthony by Hieronymus BoschI Collect You is the first and, so far, only release by this particular project which was released in 27th November 2012. The cassette consists of a half-hour improvised guitar recording which has been edited and sequenced over the period of a year. Similar to Murmuüre, but less ritualistic and with guitars only, sooo not so similar then…

Ever wanted to stick your head in a bucket of guitar drones and loops? Ever wanted to close your eyes and pretend you were in a low budget David Lynch short feature? Then He of No Name should do the job perfectly! You kinda want to be in the right state of mind to listen to 40 min of straight up slow moving guitar drones and looking at paintings of Hieronymus Bosch while listening to this cassette is a pretty good match I would dare to say. I feel the style of Bosch and the music fits quite well; the dark droning guitars oozes unsettling and discorded atmosphere which suits well with the crazy and chaotic imagery of The Temptation of St. Anthony.

All in all, He of No Name is a well made lo-fi drone cassette with a very creative and interesting packaging. The cassette comes with a black zip-lock bag, a 11×17 xeroxed poster, and an inlay, and the cassette features a minimal label. Black plastic zip-lock bags are pretty kvlt and trve you know. Varg said so himself, look it up!

The music can be a bit long drawn and samey, but hey, it’s drone, what did you expect? It’s limited to 50 copies and there are still some available if you are interested in a minimal guitar drone cassette with creative packaging, which you should be!


93 93/93


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