Sorc’henn & L’Acéphale – Will of the Abyss


Will of the Abyss is the fifth release by Union Finale and so far every release by them has been gold, but surely not every thing they distribute can be great, right? Every label has their share of mediocre releases right?

40 min later…

Sigh… You know, this isn’t fair for the other labels trying to make themselves heard when Union Finale has all the good stuff…

Will of the Abyss is a split cassette betwixt the dark ambient project Sorc’henn and the leader of the Portland based black metal band L’Acéphale. The song were brought into being in 2006-7 , before falling into the abyss in 2008. Last year it was banished from the abyss and brought to life by G & S for the will of the Union Finale

The market for dark slow ambient music has become quite saturated in the last years. Almost every other link to Bandcamp I check out seems to be some form of dark ambient, lo-fi, with a pinch of samples from various movies or soundscapes. It seems like the mentality of the Bandcamp phenomenon is “just lay and roll around on the guitar for half an hour and throw in some spooky samples, slap on a edgy cover and your good to go!”

But perhaps this is the price we have to pay for a free market where everyone with a computer can make music and distribute it with out getting shafted by record producers; and I wouldn’t have it any other way…

Oh, right, Will of the Abyss!

Well, what can I say… Going into the album blind, not having heard either of the artists before, I didn’t really know what I was getting. Perhaps some mellow black metal with ritualistic touches and some noisy soundsacpe, or even perhaps something towards the acoustic route, like Head of Wantasiquet. But I wasn’t prepared for the literal eardrum massage by the absolutely bombastic bass and the hypnotic, chaotic piano flailing! …Atomization… Into Meaninglessness is without a doubt one of the most powerful experiences I’ve felt from a dark ambient album in a while! The sheer power of the pounding bass and the queer and bizarre melodies by the piano swept me of my balance.

Will of the Abyss is a much more restraint album than what I would have though it would be. It plays is slowly and malicious, relying on surprises rather than assaulting you directly with powerful blasts of hodge podge chaos. Funerary Shimmer/The Harrowing is more violent though, with guitars and that good stuff, but left a smaller mark on my consciousness. It doesn’t have that subtle maliciousness that …Atomization… has. And you can’t go wrong with a quote from Jung in the middle of your evil dark ritual.

Will of the Abyss is one of the best dark ambient cassettes I’ve heard in a long while, and may very well be a contender for best ambient cassette of the year! Get one of the 100 copies on the 20th February and worship the Abyss!

Sorc’henn/L’Acéphale/Union Finale

93 93/93


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