Ill-Tolerance – Demo I & Prospects of Terror


Time for a double feature of raw, blackened grindcore, straight out from Florida! I’m not usually that into grind or punk, but these intrigued me enough that they fell into my basket while shopping for a bundle of cassettes from Obscure Vanity label. It is a nice little label with lots of good stuff, but unfortunately, the shipping costs for overseas shipping is so ridiculous that I had to pay as much shipping costs as the total of four cassettes. That’s the pain I have to live with, but it could be worse I suppose… At least it arrived, still waiting for a parcel that  seems to have been eaten up by the grim, greedy postal daemons.

Ill-Tolerance is a grindcore band with some black metal sounds and feel and an abundance of energy. Formed in 2009-10 by the noted drummer and singer Sam Morgan, who’s been in a number of band(Fields of Passing, Floridan Winter, Ives, No Pleasure in Life, etc) and he also runs the label Primal Vomit Records, through which he released the first demo, and Prospects of Terror.

Let’s start with the first S/T demo, shall we, as it is also the shortest of the two cassettes. The demo is very straight forward, starts directly with what you’d expect from a newly formed grindcore band in the early nineties. Super short songs, no more than a minute, terrible sound quality, yet energy and anger to fuel three band! Nothing really exceptional, besides the fact that the sound of the songs is like they were recorded two decades ago, not a mere three years past. The cover is printed on a thick paper and not just on a flimsy regular printer paper, which is nice.

As I’ve said, it is really short not really much more to say about it, except that this is why I tend to not listen to an awful lot of grind. I like my songs longer and with a bit more flesh on the bone to gnaw on.


As for Prospects of Terror, it clocks in at 12 min, a bit longer and also a bit slower paced songs that with their first demo. It was also released on 2010 but has a more, I hate to use the term but, refined composition. Prospects of Terror, starts of with a clip from some sort of film, not entirely sure, but then again I don’t watch a lot of movies. This is also where the “blackened” bit comes in, with the much more “black metal” sound and feeling manifesting itself though blast beats and more “airy” growls. It kinda sounds like a mix of punk/grind and early, old-school black metal. I really like it, the sounds go great together and feels a bit more worked though than the previous demo. On a more vainer and superficial level, the case and cover is a bit more “flimsy” than the first demo, but that could just be my copy of it. I really like the artwork though, very striking! What’s sadder that a crying terrorist?

All in all, two good and interesting, albeit short (but it’s grind what you gonna do?), demos from Sam Morgan and Logan MianoIll-Tolerance is still alive and active and there is new songs in the work. Keep your eyes open and there is still some places that stock the demos, just Google around!

Demo 1
I.Questionable Existence
II. Monster
III. No Rest
IIII. Chore Collar
V. Carry On
VI. The Only Words You Need to Know
VII. Surrounded

Prospects of Terror
I. Intro
II. The Taste of Dirt
III. Logistics
IIII. No Comment
V. Suffering Force
VI. Established
VII. Humanity is Propaganda
VIII. Negligence
IX. Fingered Wounds

Primal Vomit Records/Facebook/Discogs/Encyclopaedia Metallum

93 93/93


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