Rei Rea – Selected Works I: Still Suns


Selected Works I: Still Suns is the third physical release by the Canadian label Union Finale, and it is a compilation cassette with works from the Canadian noise/power electronics artist Rei Rea.

The songs on the cassette are all from different previous releases by Rei Rea, which give you a good overview of his style and sound; which is a kind of slow, harsh soundscape of the typical power electronics fare. Still there are some nice quirks like the black metal drumming on the song Throne of Papa, from his album Tapeworm, á la early Menace Ruine or Horseback. Otherwise it is a very solid sound-mat of harsh, haunting sonic voids.

The cassette is limited to 60 copies and it comes with a very nice 11″x17″ poster of the artwork, which is done by Rei Rea, and the clear orange cassette itself is just a treat for the eye. Still Suns is a solid overview of the artists work and a solid release overall. I admit, I’m not particularly engrossed in the Canadian noise/power electonics scene, but Rei Rea is a very interesting artist to say the least. Perhaps I’ll look into Canadian noise a bit more!

I. Duchess
II. Throne of Papa
III. Deader
IIII. Slow Ipex
I. Caco
II. Tres Mal
III. Rain Plaine
IIII. Omal

Bandcamp/Storenvy/Label/Rei Rea/Discogs

93 93/93


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