Gyron V – Muscae Volitantes

Gyron V93

“Spring is here! I skip along the pavement, swinging my hat in the air, my trench coat flapping gaily in my stride. The sun is shining on my balding pate and sending sparks off my spectacles like piss hitting a pebble in the golden rays of an early morning. The snow is thawing on the sidewalk, revealing a whole winter of concealed dog turds for me to reap! I sweep my gaze over the menu laid out in the dirty snow. Which one should I pick first?”

Sorry about the lack of updates and new stuff on the site, my muse have been out of town and I haven’t been able to write any stuff lately, and I’ve just started my master degree and been busy with that. I’ll try to write more stuff from now on.

Muscae Volitantes, designer rock for the elitist, low quality snob who can’t enjoy any music unless it sound like it’s played from an old radio in another room. I confess that I can be that person sometime, most of the time, perhaps all the time, but that’s besides the point! Muscae Volitantes is a fine and pleasant “indie” rock romp but it is really the production quality that makes me really enjoy the music, I think it wouldn’t be able to enjoy it otherwise. Not that I’m saying low quality production is my only measurement for whether I like the music or not, its just a bonus, like the fact Gyron V includes a very special little novella with the cassette. The absolutely vile and horrific text, coupled with the pleasant and sweet sounding music gives it an excellent juxtaposition! One of my speciall little enjoyments in music and art is just these kinds of juxtapositions.

Muscae Volitantes reminds me very much of the works by Phantom Payn Days, low key atmospheric soft rock with melancholic and sad feelings. Hand it to our neighbors in the fjords to make great and “trve” and original indie rock, in a scene filled with standard formatting of pop!

To get a little superficial, but I really like the glossy print of the cover and the great pressing of the cassette overall. If you like music, you should give this a listen. I’m intrigued what other fine music this norrbagge can whip up!


I. Climbing the Blue Pavilion
II. In the Circles of Ether
III. Shuyit
IIII. Such Grotesque Music of Light
V. Pale Hands
VI. A Certain Fire
VII. Killing for Satan


VIII. Shepherd of the Owls
IX. A Blood-Red Rose of 49 Petals
X. The Double Helix
XI. The Retinal Room
XII. The Wind Rears Up on its Hind Legs
XIII. You Wander Through


93 93/93


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