Preterite – From the Wells


Preterite, or preterit, is the grammatical form of a verb or tense that denotes events that took place in the past. But let’s ignore the grammar lesson and let’s pour ourselves a glass of wine and let the siren song of Geneviève take us away to places and times long past.

Preterite started it’s journey in 2009 and is a collaboration betwixt Geneviève Beaulieu, one half of the excellent and very ingenious avant-garde black metal duo Menace Ruine, and James Hamilton, who has been involved in a couple of experimental music projects, most recently Nebris.

Preterite however is not a black metal, or noise project by any means. This is a calm, beautiful introspective piece about ones past and ones joys lost through the passing of events in the past. From the Wells is a very personal and moving album, especially for Geneviève. Most of the songs on From the Wells are about a time in her past, shortly before she had to give up her main instrument, the guitar, and the songs are a way for her to take farewell from a past self and to start of a new point in her life.


This is why I listen to music and absolutely adore the artists who dare to make something unique and personal. To know that someone put their soul and feeling into the music just brings the composition to a new level, and it brings me great pleasure to be a part of it through the music. But do not think that I like the album just because it is personal to the artist, From the Wells is a very well made album with beautiful melodies and gorgeous singing by GenevièveThe soulful guitars plays a sorrowful yet hopeful melody with estranged accompaniment of strange harmoniums, whilst Geneviève muses with her very unique ethereal voice. You can tell that her work with Menace Ruine has infulenced her, especially with Alight in Ashes, with the grandiose atmosphere and big vocals, but From the Wells is much more restrained and refined. From the Wells is music to drift away to, to reflect upon and wonder what is important to you.

From the Wells is the second release by the excellent label Union Finale, and is available to pre-order at September 1st, and will be released on September 22th. Get it, it is one of the finest mellow singer/guitar albums since Eitarnora!

I. Edges Nowhere
II. Gleaming Escape
III. From the Wells
IIII. Behold our Sepulchre
V. Plenty of my Own
VI. Broken Sea


93 93/93


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