Anemone Tube – The Transfiguration of the Image



This is going to be a quite short look at Anemone Tube’s latest cassette…

The fist tape release by Anemone Tube since his splits with Yggdrasil, and Tender Love, in 1998. The Transfiguration of the Image is a single sided cassette of the very typical Anemone Tube style noise, with lots of reverb, loops, a bit of screeches; all condensed into four tracks with a total length of roughly 13 min. The songs are previously released on compilations from 1998 and one from 2012.

The concept behind the cassette is about beauty and what is hidden under its mask. Inside the cover is a quote from Philippe Ariès:

“Death has started to hide. In spite of the apparent publicity that surrounds it in mourning, at the cemetery, in life as well as in art and literature,
death is concealing itself under the mask of beauty”.
(Philippe Ariès, “The Hour of Our Death”, 1977 about the aestheticization of death in literature and art in the beginning of the 19th century)

While the noise is solid and the production of the cassette is excellent, I find it quite hard to recommend it to anyone besides noise fanatics, collectors, or fans of Anemone Tube. And besides, the album will soon be sold out. But it is nice to get a new cassette release from one of my favorites! Released through Danvers State Recordings.

I. Abstract Death
II. Under the Mask of Beauty
III. Screen Test Intersection
IIII. State of Preservation


93 93/93

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