Synsophony – Karmic Existence


“Drawing on a diversity of influences, Synsophony are not scared to betray their love of music of all types – from metal to electronica to classical – in an effort to make music that is as psychedelic as it is terrifying. Stick on your headphones, crank up the bass and volume, and enjoy!”

The new drone/dark ambient blood from England, Synsophony, delivers some very unsettling horror soundscape with their first EP. The duo formed this year and will release their first EP on the 13th of August, on the small label Acephale Winter Productions. The label mostly focuses on black metal projects but what is a underground label without some dark and moody ambient to relax to and read some fine horror stories.

Karmic Existence is a 23 min piece of a droning landscape, fit for almost any modern-ish horror film. Low humming bass drones, and unsettling samples used in great restraint make up the majority of the EP with some well made harsher bits. The most energetic and memorable piece of Karmic Existence happens quite early in the EP and it is a well made and terrifying moment. But sadly after the 10 minute mark, the song loses it’s steam and settles on a very quiet and haunting soundscape with not much more to offer besides its mood.

Despite blowing its load early on, Karmic Existence is a very well made debut by Synsophony, with a great soundscape that would make a great companion for a haunting time in the reading chair with the horror writer of your choise.

Karmic Extistence will be released, digital only, on the 13th of August through Acephale Winter Productions. I highly suggest you give’em a listen and if they tickle your fancy, support them any way you see fit!

I. Karmic Existence


93 93/93


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