Tenhornedbeast / Marzuraan – The Law of the Needle / Into Countless Battles

Photo from Aurora Borealis Bandcamp.93

Well, I’m back from my summer vacation spent cruising around the country side and doing fuck all. But now I feel it’s time to get back at writing stuff that no one will read, about music that no one likes, after all that’s all I do nowadays! Now, let’s kick it of with a split-CD from the great music label Aurora Borealis!

The split boasts a interesting line up of Tenhornedbeast, a dark ambient project, and Marzuraan, a doom metal band from the UK. Clocking in at just over 41 min, it is a journey through a mellow soundscape followed by a sweet doom metal track!

Tenhornedbeast is a solo-project by the artist Christopher Walton, formerly a member in the band Endura, a dark ambient project started in the early 90’s with a heavy focus on the occult. They released a couple albums during the ninetieths before splitting up in 2001, where Christopher went to create the apocalyptic-themed noise/drone project Tenhornedbeast.

I haven’t listened to other works by Tenhornedbeast but what is on this split neither made me a fan or made me bored to tears. The Law of the Needle starts of very slow and quiet, as lots of drone/dark ambient tracks do, and slowly builds up in power and size till it reaches a impenetrable soundscape of noise and feedback. And that’s where it ends… Not much gained, not many brains melted; neither did it reach the power and crescendo it needs. Granted, the track is good and well made, and it has a nice heavy soundscape, but it is not very interesting nor the sounds of the impending apocalypse. It’s mostly there to fill the time before the much more greater track by Marzuraan.

Marzuraan is a drone/doom metal band from the UK, and was formed in 2002. They have been quite the live band with the majority of their released being live recordings. Anyhow, their side, Into Countless Battles, is a great doom metal track with a sweet atmosphere, good vocals, excellent drumming, and sweet riffs! It is the high point of the album and it’s worth buying the CD just for this song. It balances heavy and mellow prefectly, and you’d just want to kick back with a nice rich stout and just enjoy the sweet music.

Also, I like the creative cover and packaging of the CD, with a gatefold cardboard like cover in a transparent slip case. It looks awesome and unique!

I. The Law of the Needle
II. Into Countless Battles


93 93/93


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