dusa – Segermännen

dusa - Segermännen93

“Kammarorgeln klingar sorgset i den arla snålblåsten. Ovan hällslänten i den gryningsbleka glesan stämmer felorna upp, bygdefolket flockas runt blotkasen. Muntra lynnen sorlar, rök driver svart. Alla tystnade med en ens, när de anlände till bålet; de tre männen av Segerhuva. Hädangång, limbo och strävsam mullbörd ur det öde slättlandet följer. Nytt liv i ny skapelse.”

Gloomy, sorrowful melodies floating in a sombre space where the only companions are the forlorn tones of Segermännendusa have released a new cassette on the small Swedish record label Hibiskofon, this cassette is a audial documentation from Fylkingen, 28th of April, from the funeral feast for the old and prolific noise and alternative music congregation Segerhuva.

The act, dusa, emanated from the plains of Östergötland and provides the daring and outcasts with waves of gloomy, low quality chamber music, from times forgotten and no more. dusa have been quite active and released severeal extremely limited amalgamations of the finest taste, on a select few and most exclusive of labels. Hibiskofon, which the cassette was released on, is a newly formed label which only carries Segermännen and Tusen År Under Jord, but I hope with time it will continue to carry this sort of excellent music! Segermännen is also available from a few other labels and distros, for example, Lust Vessel, Ætergap, Terror, Where Frost Reigns, and Järntecknet.

The essence of the music by dusa is something extraordinary and most unique; I have never hear music like this, yet it feels so familiar and melancholic to me that I become overwhelmed of nostalgia for compositions that have only just graced my ear with its presence. The sad and sombre tape loops sounds over the broken plains and burial mounds, and proveys the listener with a mournful and frank experience. The mastery of the loops and soundscape is something most unique and the greatest I’ve ever heard; never does it sound boring or hackneyed, or just  as a collection of bad quality recordings.

Segermännen starts of with an introduction to Stockholm by Marie Selander, a track called I Hallonbergen, from the LP Från Den Svenska Vildmarken. It is a very bitter and frank look into a small Swedish neighbourghood, filled with bitterness and discord. It is a very fitting start to the cassette and sets the tone for the rest of the recording. Side A of the cassette features a recording of the show within the room , whilst the B-side feature a direct recording of the show.

It is a quite sad and mournful cassette for the loss of one of the greatest Swedish underground and alternative music scene. Today, all that remains is the Segerhuva forum and the spirit of Segerhuva in the artisits and listeners hearts.

I bid a sorrowful and regretful valediction to Segerhuva and may the spirit live on throughout the hearts and minds of the people of alternative culture!

I. Segermännen – Linje + Rum

I. Segermännen – Linje


93 93/93


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