Knullkraft – Förnedringsnormen


Hateful, misanthropic, power violence from Sweden, Knullkraft is one of the best wall noise project to have come from our calm and quite nation.

Knullkraft is a Swedish harsh noise/wall noise project by Gustav Dawkins Hannes HelveteFörnedringsnormen is their second tape, released on the Portuguese label Narcolepsia, and it is one hateful and violent piece of sonic destruction. It is a single sided cassette in a very limited edition of 61 copies. It was also distributed by the labels Freak Animal, Posh Isolation, and the great Lust Vessel which still may have some copies of it.

Förnedringsnormen is very much an all out wall noise record, constant unwavering noise-mat of white noise and deep rumbling of the abyss. There are some quite interesting samples mixed in to the noise wall, together with Gustav’s death screams. Powerful, unrelenting and full of hate, Förnedringsnormen is not for the weak or sensible person.

Knullkraft have played a couple of shows and have a new cassette in the works to be released this summer. It seems to still be a few copies floating around, so there is still a chance to get your hands on this filth.

I. Untitled


93 93/93


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