Anemone Tube/Dissecting Table – This Dismal World

This Dismal World



Here we are again, Anemone Tube now with Dissecting Table, two of the greatest noise creators/destroyers have banded together to create a masterpiece of terrifying proportion. Side by side, they dissect and transform holy prayers and chants of the Buddhist temple and faith, into a dismal and horrifying view of hell on Earth. This Dismal World is a dark concept of the “Four Noble Truths”, which is one of the central teachings of suffering from the Buddhist faith.

Anemone Tube, uses field recordings he obtained during a visit to the Sun-Yat-sen-Mausoleum, Nanjing in 2007, for his aptly named track, In the Mausoleum. In his track From Anthropocentrism to Demonocentrism, he uses field recordings form Nanjing and Shanghai in 2007 and some additional synthesizer in the final mix in 2012. With these tracks, Anemone Tube confronts the listener with the origin of man’s craving for sense-pleasures and self-perpetuating egocentrism, in a very dark and threatening way.

Dissecting Table chooses to dedicate his track 1000 Tones to the 1000-armed goddess “Guanyin”, who is the goddess of compassion and saves beings from suffering and ignorance. In the track he recites the whole 25th Lotus Sutra about The Universal Gate of Bodhisattva Kanzeon (“the perceiver of the world’s lamentations”), complete with dark and twisted ritualistic drumming and filthy analogue tratments and dark growls as a cherry on top of his daemonic “threnody for the dejected”.

With excellent and masterful use of field recordings, Anemone Tube distorts and malforms the sound of Sun-Yat-sen-Mausoleum, into a work of Lovecraftian proportions. The dirty and gritty sound overwhelms the listener with a unceasing chaos of grinding, screeching, and powerful sounds that seems to be out of this world. Threnody of the Dejected thrusts you into a chaotic and claustrophobic place of audial discomfort; a daemonic mausoleum of terror and hatred. In the Mausoleum is more menacing and a creeping terror which puts you into a strange and evil place filled with restless, woeful and vengeful spirits. The evil chant of From Anthropocentrism to Demonocentrism is truly unsetteling and scary. The overall sound of Thredony of the Dejected is more ambient and menacing, more “melodic” and flowing to its noise.

Dissecting Table’s side of the LP features a single track, 1000 Tones, which is more violent and rhythmical than Anemone Tube’s. It throws you straight into a daemonic  perversion of the Buddhist chants. Powerful, dirty, and transformed to a industrial mockery of the holy chants, with violent outbursts of screeches and abyssal screams and reverb on his recitement of the 25th Lotus Sutra, gives the track example of why Dissecting Table is one of the greatest preverters of his craft. He manages to preserve the traditional sound of a Bhuddist chant, yet at the same time, make it sound like a chant straight form one of the nine circles. The harmony and rhythm of the vocals and the industrial bangs and crashes fits so well together, it’s almost scary. When I listen later listened to a Buddhist chant, after I heard 1000 Tones, I was in disbelief of how similar they sounded, yet how different the feel and atmosphere were. Perhaps there is something more daemonic and evil under all the peace-loving and meditations of the Buddhist faith…

The cover and style of the album is superb, and has a very classy feel to it, quite opposite to the overall sound of the album, but that is quite genius. Since the album takes the topic of a widely believed to be a calm religion, and gives it a chaotic and violent transformation, it feels well thought over and complete. It also features a inlay with a transcript of The Lotus Sutra. The cover is a picture of the 1000-armed goddess Guanyin.

This is a very excellent album, both conceptual and well executed, the feeling and atmosphere of the album is spot on and the execution of 1000 Tones is just wonderful! It is a shame to audial art, and to Bodhisattva Perceiver of the World’s Sounds if you do not own this album!

Threndony for the Dejected
I. In the Mausoleum
II. From Anthropocentrism to Demonocentrism

I. 1000 Tones

Label/Anemone Tube/Dissecting Table

93 93/93


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