Electricjezus – Грязь поколений(Mud Generations)



Let’s take a step back from all this pretentious malarkey of noise and experimental impenetrable black metal, to enjoy some awesome kick-ass sludge metal from Russia! Electricjezus is a new, two man band from Moscow who are very big on recording their music on old authentic recording equipment and using old instruments to match. It’s nice to see a band that embraces both the sound of old, with the new way of distributing their music digitally for wider accessibility. Still they haven’t forgotten all music collectors and music snobs as they will have a vinyl press of their debut in the future.

 Electricjezus draws their inspiration from great bands like, Melvins, Electric Wizard, Earth, Jucifer, Bolt Thrower, and I get a little feeling of doom metal like Serpentcult;  you can tell that some of their sounds are present in Electricjezus, but they still manage to form their own unique sound. Think of a thick and heavy sludge/doom metal band with lots of personality and a love for B-horror movies, and that is Electricjezus in a nutshell.

Sweet and heavy riffs drenched in mud from the glory days of heavy metal, together with a singer that would feel right at home proclamating the destruction of earth in a doom metal band. The music really makes you want to escape to your basement filled with horror and exploitation movies and movie paraphernalia, and watch a marathon of old and dirty Zombie movies. Electricjezus recorded the album to sound like it is a live recording of one of their shows, and it truly does. All that is missing is a old messed up metal venue filled with metalheads running around in the pit and banging their head of.

If you have any love for muddy kick-ass metal and old B-movies, you’d be a fool not getting this album for your collection!

I. Корм(Feed)
II. Петли обмана(Loops of Deception)
III. Улицы(Street of Broken Lights)
IIII. Грязь поколений(Mud of Generations)
V. Плеть культуры(Lash of Culture)
VI. Бассейн(Pool)
VII. Все позволено(All is Allowed)


93 93/93


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