Forbidden Colors – M4M Sexual Habits


Here’s something nice I found while surfing around on r/experimentalmusic, some queer noise from Philadelphia!

Forbidden Colors is a noise, power electronics project, based in Philadelphia, and have released his debut album on Bandcamp in May this year. That’s about all the info I have on this band, other than that he makes kick-ass noise music!

M4M Sexual Habits is straight up power electronics, with harsh screams and abrasive, destroyed tape loops which violently sodomizes your ear canal with fits of raw power. There are some quiter moment where samples take over, like in Pigs of Terror, but since this is labeled as “queer” noise, I would expect some more samples and sounds related to homosexuality. That was just my expectation however, and who says his next album won’t feature it more…

Now when I think about it, I can’t really think of many noise and power electronic projects that mainly focus on queer and homosexual topics, aside from some random albums which feature a penis on the cover, and for some noise projects that focus more on sexual deviations in general, but non that focus wholeheartedly on homosex. If anyone knows some bands that do, feel free to share them, I would love to hear them and I would guess the readers would too!

Tangent over, M4M Sexual Habits is an excellent debut and well worth checking out, and if your not a miser, the album is definitely worth a couple of bucks!

II. The Only Stopped to Hit the Pipe
III. Pigs of Terror
IIII. Statement
V. Give in to Primal Urges


93 93/93



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4 responses to “Forbidden Colors – M4M Sexual Habits

  1. depression chamber

    look up black leather jesus/richard ramirez. i love this. dude is the homeboy.

  2. Here’s an entire compilation of Queer noise I co-curated:

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