QULIELFI – Forgetter



Underground bedroom black metal with some folk-inspired parts, need I say more? …Perhaps I should.

QULIELFI is a experimental black metal project from Seattle, with not much more info about the artist or the project, aside from the cassette and a Facebook-page filled with some interesting artwork. If you are going to make some lo-fi experemental black metal in your bedroom, perhaps you as an artist should be just as mysterious and esoteric as the music you create.

I think it’s quite interesting of how many underground and “esoteric” musicians are using Facebook as a page for their music and publicity; isn’t it weird to use one of the most popular and “mainstream” sites to promote your underground musical projects? I’m not complaining, I just find it amusing; I guess it’s just the time we live in…

Anyhow, on to the Forgetter before I forget. Low quality, repetitive black metal with unique, acoustic folk-ish parts, and abyssal growls. And I love it! Where the cassette really shines is in these quite unique sounding parts, for example Hekas Hekas Este Bebeloi, with it’s weird distorted voice, accompaniment with the growls, that sounds delightfully weird. Almost the entirety of the B side is marvelous.

It is overall a great piece of esoteric black metal, that is not afraid of showing it’s ugly side, which enhances the listening experience by its raw, unfiltered power. And the gold cover is delightfully glittery!

I. The Black Earth Will Hide You
II. Hekas Hekas Este Bebeloi (Phibionite Orthodoxy)
III. The Bees Are In My Head
IIII. Plain Of Aletheia Plain Of Truth

I. Where There Are Men There Are Devils
II. Elemental Energies Of An Extremelu Hostile Type
III. The Lost Kala


 (I think McDowell forgot to snip of the beginning and end of the recording of The Bees Are In My Head… Low production quality is awesome!)

93 93/93


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