Pantheist – Amartia



I envy Thee my Lord
So many times I envisage myself
Sitting on your celestial throne
Looking at the world
Through eyes of contempt and hate

Laughing at human insignificance
Erasing their lives with a single thought

Let them destroy each other
Cut each other to pieces
Let them transform themselves into demons
And project their wickedness to Satan
My Lord, I envy Your apathy
-Pantheist, Envy

Pantheist is a funeral doom band from Belgium, who have released great albums of varying “doom-ness” since 2001. Their earlier albums have a more “folky” touch to them, while their latest album, and self-titled for some reason, have a more almost “prog” feeling to the doom.

Amarita is the most funeral doom album of theirs and to my opinion, their best. I have always been interested in doom, especially the funeral variety, and Amarita is one of the most solid released I’ve heard, almost as grand as Skepticism. It manages to escape some of the bigger pitfalls with the genre as becoming to spaced and lost in the grandiose melodies of the organ, or feeling stilted and overly “gothic” to pander to  the gloom-loving goth kids and as such loosing track of its death/doom origins.

Pantheist lyrics is usually filled with religion, specifically Christianity, and philosophy, as is usual with funeral doom genre. And as you all probably know, the album is mainly filled with big bombastic organs, grandiose melodies, slow doomy guitars, and guttural growls with some clean vocals sprinkled in. Where Amartia really shines is in the balance and composition of the organs, atmosphere and doom aesthetics. Neither part feels uneven and it all is interwoven to create a cohesive atmosphere and creates a great background to the lyrical narrative.

The singing can get a bit lacking in pronunciation, but it is nothing that mar the overall enjoyment of the album. Amartia is a excellent funeral doom album and you should definitely give it a listen if you wish to ponder over God’s own missteps with sin and mans defiance of the seven deadly sins.

I. Apolegeia
II. Gluttony
III. Envy
IIII. Lust
V. First Prayer
VI. Pride
VII. Greed
VIII. Sloth
IX. Wrath
X. Metanoia

Discogs/Encyclopaedia Metallum/Label/Spotify

93 93/93


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