Varulv – S/T



Long overdue anthology of VARULV, the BM project by Morne (aka LaMort aka Laszlo PS from WERMUT). Includes all the tracks recorded under this moniker from 2003 to 2008. Mournful black fuzz, feeble screams, never ending tomhetian synth drones… and all over depressive!” –Description from the label

This is an example of dark, depressive, lo-fi black metal, falling just short of  achieving the feeling of the old school black metal darkness.

Varulv is the second release of the project, released in 2011, and only 66 copies printed. The album is a ambient black metal, emphasis on ambient, in the traditional sense. Low production quality, repetitive drums, synth melodies in the background, and some harsh high wailing.

But that’s only the black metal songs… The majority of the cassette is dedicated to creating a dark and depressive “atmosphere”, with unbelievably dull and uninspired synth loops. The songs don’t have the power or somberness to create an atmosphere; the low production value does more harm than benefit to the simple and boring synth drones. This is good example to show that lo-fi, and “kvlt” sounds doesn’t automatically make your black metal good, it also takes talent, both in creating a good black metal song and the ability to use the lo-fi sound to enhance the atmosphere, rather than to use it as a mask to the boring music underneath.

The black metal songs on the album are a bit better, but they are still very formulaic and “standard”; blast beats, distorted guitars, bad undecipherable wails, and the occasional synth in the periphery. There is almost nothing special about the album, aside from it’s blandness. Perhaps this is just a covert parody of the rigid black metal formula, if that’s the case, I applaud it. You just managed to make the most boring piece of ambient black metal!

If you are in need of bland, boring, and uninspired ambient black metal, then this is the cassette for you, otherwise you can do much better than this album.

I. Le Kämpe De Urrn
II. Dans Le Wälde I
III. Lac De Sängen
IIII. Feuerdohrn
V. So Weit

I. Alt Blodet
II. Dacys Shklaesus
III. Dans Le Wälde II
IIII. Herbst
V. So Weit… Und Noch Viel Weiter


93 93/93


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